Manta Network Taps Hyperbolic to Power Full-suite Offering for AI-powered Onchain Applications

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3 min readApr 8, 2024


In a collaboration set to make it easier for developers to build and ship AI-powered apps on-chain, Hyperbolic, a leader in open-access AI, has joined forces with Manta Network to power the full AI development lifecycle, from training to deployment and inference .

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Hyperbolic, a leader provider of decentralized infrastructure for AI, is proud to announce a partnership with Manta Network, the largest modular L2 ecosystem, in a collaboration poised to make the development of AI-powered on-chain applications more accessible, secure, and scalable. Together, Hyperbolic and Manta Network are setting a new standard for AI development that encompasses the full lifecycle of AI-powered app development, from training to deployment and inference.

Hyperbolic empowers developers to train and deploy AI models in a censorship-resistant, decentralized manner. Together with Manta AI, this gives builders seamless access to advanced AGI models and AI toolkits. The collaboration is designed to challenge and reshape the traditional confines of AI development, providing a fertile ground for innovation within the blockchain ecosystem.

“We are thrilled to partner with Manta Network, a leader in democratizing AI development in the blockchain space. This partnership aligns with our mission to showcase the potential of decentralized computing resources and their impact on AI applications. Together, we are breaking new ground in AI development and creating new opportunities for developers worldwide,” said Jasper Zhang, Hyperbolic Co-founder and CEO.

The partnership employs Hyperbolic’s strengths in:

  • Open-Access Compute & Inference: Delivering unparalleled access to computational resources across various platforms, including Nvidia, AMD, and Apple silicon and enabling open access to decentralized inference;
  • Security: Introducing novel (soon-to-be-announced) research that will significantly enhance the ability for AI-powered onchain app developers to verify correctness and ensure data privacy;
  • Cost Efficiency: Providing access to GPU at a fraction of the cost of centralized services, fostering economical scalability without compromising safety or performance.
  • Collaborative Innovation: Connecting to a global community committed to redefining AI development through collective effort and shared resources.

“This partnership with Hyperbolic doesn’t just underscore our commitment to democratizing access to AI”, said Kenny Li, Co-founder of Manta Network. “It also demonstrates our desire to make the best technical solutions available to our developer community.”

Hyperbolic and Manta Network’s collaboration represents a joint mission to unlock the full potential of AI development in a decentralized world. By bringing together leaders in blockchain and AI, the alliance paves the way for a future where AI innovation is more accessible for developers worldwide.

About Hyperbolic Labs

Hyperbolic Labs, a leading provider of decentralized AI compute and inference services, is on a quest to pioneer open access to AI for developers and researchers all over the world. With a mission to break down barriers that limit AI’s potential, Hyperbolic believes in a future where AI technology is universally accessible, empowering every individual and community with the tools to innovate, create, and advance our world. The Hyperbolic founding team is led by award winning Math and AI researchers from UC Berkeley and the University of Washington.

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