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Teaming up on an epic Kadena Quest — to destroy gas fees forever

Andrei Popa
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5 min readFeb 16, 2022


We are Kadenians

Our teams have been part of the Kadena community since the very early days and witnessed Kadena’s way of doing things. No matter how much people pushed for aggressive marketing tactics and PR, we saw Kadena doing what they do best: develop the core technology of a revolutionary blockchain that solves the scaling trilemma.

We’re no longer just members of the Kadena community, we are pioneers of its ecosystem. It's our duty to spread Kadena’s vision and values into what is being built on its blockchain, thus helping the growth of a healthy ecosystem.

To make Kadena the True Home of DeFI we need to build revolutionary tech on its blockchain. Projects that would be impossible to build on ETH due to the gas fees and on Solana due to Rust not being as powerful as Pact.

That’s why we will be working together with Kaddex to make Kadena the birthplace of DeFi 3.0, a place where users can enjoy Decentralised Finance without being hampered by the lack of UX caused by gas fees.

What does that mean for you if you have a project ready to launch?

It means that you now have access to an entire funnel that will kickstart your journey from inception starting with Hypercent all the way down to the incubation process as a joint venture with Kaddex right in the heart of Kadena in a seamless and frictionless experience.

Some of the partnership benefits that we will provide:

  1. Incubation process

We know that Pact is a scarce resource, but luckily a co-team of experienced Pact developers are here to help you come home, on the true home of DeFi.

This will grant you access to our own network of highly experienced advisors as well as support from both Kaddex and Hypercent regarding technical implementation, code auditing, marketing strategy, planning and many more.

2. Favoured listing

Projects that have been vested and incubated by our joint ventured will benefit from favoured listing on Kaddex, which will guarantee a prime position for your tokens that will grant you the most visibility.

To kickstart out partnership the HYPE/KDA pair will benefit from favoured listing, thus being in the top pairs available on Kaddex.

3. Marketing promotion

Through our social channels, your projects will benefit from our social media support, which will grant your project visibility in the oldest and most experienced community of Kadena. Our communities are formed of true believers and exhibit true passion and technical understanding in supporting Kadena. Community support has been an instrumental part of Kadena’s success

It is time for our community to see the ecosystem they believe in come to fruition and unravel before their eyes.

4. Pair incentivization with strong rewards

When your project gets listed through Hypercent Launchpad, the Kaddex DAO will define parameters for KDX LP incentives and get its pool the notice that it deserves.

5. Staking & farming pools

This Kaddex/Hypercent feature will offer incentivized LPs for your project on KDX pairing and it will allow you the possibility of implementing Yield Farming for your project on Kaddex.

As a Kaddex & Hypercent exclusive we are also announcing the following:

a. Hypercent will provide $HYPE liquidity in specific pools coupled with KDX LP rewards.

b. HYPE pairs (HYPE/KDA) will be a featured listing at launch with a DAO determined reward structure.

c. X-Wallet will be integrated into the Hypercent Platform

We aim to create a world’s first DeFi Committee where DeFi can flourish

Our main focus is to make sure that Kadena gets the ecosystem we all have been waiting for. Our vision is to migrate everything into a DAO ecosystem where both Kaddex and Hypercent will be able to add governance to our own functionality and in each other’s platform as we move forward.

This will showcase one of our most ambitious plans yet, and most likely the world’s first DeFi Ecosystem Committee which would act as a Council for new projects.

Founding members of new projects will be invited to join the council and thus, we hope to create a unique mindset for the Kadena Ecosystem under which everyone can flourish and benefit together.

Our first act together as part of the Committee is building Pact Academy

Pact Academy will help ideas turn into projects

Both teams are aware that the Kadena ecosystem will only grow as fast as the number of Pact developers, this is why we have teamed up to take the Pact Academy to the next level.

How will we do this?

By refining a complete CI/CD pipeline of enterprise level for Pact & Typescript stack applications, developers will be able to focus on actual development.

With the help of our identified partners, we will be building a web 3.0 solution that will allow developers to deploy secure and verified PACT smart contracts and modules via JavaScript in minutes, thus speeding up the process of adoption for the Pact language.

In addition to public content, we will also create educational materials and applied lessons that will allow any developer to build their smart contracts with utmost knowledge.

Our vision for Kadena

An ecosystem is built by those who have the willingness to take responsibility, a vision that can push development forward with a clear goal in mind, and the resources to apply all of the above.

Hypercent and Kaddex have found this vision together and we will be working hard to achieve these goals for the benefit of the entire Kadena Community!

We are very excited to partner up with Kaddex and we are fully committed to bringing as many quality dApps on the True Home of DeFi!

With love,
Hypercent X Kaddex