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6 min readDec 8, 2021


Started as Kadena ambassadors and now we’re here

Well that's not entirely true, we started in the crypto space in late 2016 so we’ve seen a lot of stuff blooming and booming while working both during the bull and the bear market.

We found out about Kadena in January 2021 and immediately saw it as a disruptive force, the only scalable POW blockchain and the only real competitor to all the POS chains. We knew our marketing experience could make Kadena more appealing to the blockchain community and as a result more projects would start building on it.

The fastest way to directly communicate with the Kadena team was to apply for the Ambassadors Program and we did so. After becoming ambassadors, we met the team and made numerous branding and website improvement suggestions. Our proposals were met with enthusiasm but everyone decided they were too radical for a big operation like Kadena.

We decided the best way to bring projects to Kadena is to build a launchpad and start bringing projects in, and this is how Hypercent was born.

Hypercent helps verified projects launch on Kadena

The opportunity to launch on a blockchain that recently gained traction is huge, but so are the challenges. Our job as a launchpad is to bring projects on Kadena by decreasing the challenge to build while increasing the opportunity to launch.

1. Helping projects build

Kadena is not only revolutionary because of its blockchain concept, but also because of its proprietary smart contract language: Pact. The biggest challenge in a revolution is getting people to join, and for that you need very good reasons and a clear way of communicating them.

For this reason, the number of Pact developers is still extremely scarce, moreover the total amount of open-source code available to piggyback from is also very scarce. So even after developers learn Pact, they become pioneers in almost anything they build.

We make no exception to this, so our job is to document everything and make it easier for everyone else. We will offer developers a blueprint project that makes it easy to build and deploy full-stack Typescript apps, using NextJS and NestJS, specifically crafted with Kadena interaction in mind. Our blueprint adheres to best practices and standards- like linting, formatting and testing — and has a focus on developer experience (DX), to make coding fun, while having the confidence that the codebase says organised, typed and sane. We are also developing an SDK that makes interacting with Kadena more friendly, and a CLI app that makes scaffolding, testing, managing and deploying common use-case contracts a breeze. Think of it like a build on pact academy.

When there are no Pact devs around, you make Pact devs

2. Helping projects launch

There are many projects that have good ideas and good developers but no capacity to sell their tokens because a good community is hard to grow. Our job is to put good projects in front of a good community and give them an easy and fair way to swap tokens.

A good community is built with organic growth in mind, as the secret lies in the quality more than quantity. People in a launchpad community should have a good understanding of the crypto space and the funds to buy tokens in IDOs. We’ve been asked why we don’t do an airdrop and the answer is pretty simple: people who join your community for free tokens don’t necessarily have the best interest at heart to invest in IDO’s. Besides that, we would rather have people joining us because they share our vision and goals.

Since our first public announcement one month ago we got approached by multiple communities from all over the crypto space: VC’s, Private Funds, Influencers, IDO groups and so on. They are part of our community and will help us move forward. Any project that launches on Hypercent will have access to them to gain the same advantage. Whatever we do, that will become a blueprint for projects we help launch.

An easy way to swap tokens
We believe Kadena is the only blockchain that can massively improve the UX and take crypto to mass adoption through gas stations, security and the most powerful programming language created to-date.

That is why our purpose is to take PACT’s core functionality to the next level and compete with the biggest players in the market today.

Through our upcoming Hypercent Wallet we will make the IDO process both fun and engaging with a seamless experience. We call it a one-click IDO. With Kadena’s security and modular design you can call on any contract with the gas already covered for you.

That means that if you want to participate in an IDO all you have to do is click Swap using our Wallet and without paying any gas you will be calling the IDO contract and receive your tokens instantly. The Hypercent Wallet will be part of our platform’s front-end and will also be released as a standalone chrome extension for the community to enjoy it.

A fair way to get allocation
Projects launching IDO’s on launchpads usually have low raise amounts so the supply is lower than the demand, meaning that a lot of people are fighting to get allocation.

After years of IDO’s going through different models, the best approach so far seems to be the lottery system. Unfortunately, this is not without flaws either. The trouble is that the prices for allocation tickets are controlled in a centralized manner and not through supply and demand. The ticket price has been set by the project very early when their token had a low price, and after the token appreciated in value, it no longer makes economic sense.

For instance, on one platform the guaranteed allocation cost is $10.000USDT worth of tokens while the maximul allocation is $500. This is problematic because it doesn’t make much sense to spend so much for such a little allocation. Although the price can be changed, in the crypto space this would not go unanswered.

To avoid this problem, we are creating an economy that is truly alive, where everything is controlled by supply and demand through DeFi protocols.

{HYPE} powers the first multi-token DeFi protocol of the Kadena ecosystem

With a fixed total supply of 10.000.000 tokens, {HYPE} is the engine that powers our economy. In short, we made an economic model that uses {HYPE} staking as a way to create a fair model of allocation in IDO’s.

In order to build a stable and healthy environment for projects to grow, you will be using a secondary token: {Stardust}. This is a non-tradable asset earned through staking {HYPE} on our platform. While {HYPE} is creating a healthy coin lock value for our ecosystem, {Stardust} is the key to unlocking platform rewards.

Use {Stardust} and bootstrap yourself to an economy that’s truly alive

You can burn Stardust {STRDST} to receive allocation tickets for IDOs launching on Hypercent or mine our IDO Vault to receive tokens from all projects launching on Hypercent. The cost for tickets and vault rewards are variable as they are handled by DeFi protocols based on supply and demand in relation to the variable supply of {STRDST}.

So imagine that a hot IDO comes on Hypercent and a lot of people start burning Stardust to get allocation tickets, the price of the ticket would increase but because a lot of people are burning Stardust to get tickets, the IDO vault rewards would also increase because they are calculated based on the supply of Stardust (which would be lower due to burning to getting tickets). So even if it wouldn’t make sense to get tickets because of the price, people would be incentivized to move their Stardust to mine the IDO vault due to the high rewards.

Regardless of Hype’s market price, the prices and rewards will always be adjusted by the market.

Most likely you are now wondering where the tokens from the IDO vault come from and that's alright. As a cost of launching on Hypercent, all projects submit a share of their token supply to our IDO Vault. A big percentage of the tokens are shared with the users who use their {STRDST} to mine the vault.

The IDO Vault is the easiest way to pipeline yourself to Kadena’s ecosystem

Lastly the time has come to talk about our third token. Cosmic Time {TIME} is the third token of our multi-token economy. {TIME} is generated when you use {STRDST}, be it for tickets or in the IDO vault. The {TIME} token shows your involvement in the platform and that helps us put the decision in the right hands when the governance is implemented.

We are Hypercent. This is our vision. This is the way.




Andrei Popa