The History of AdVenture Capitalist — Chapter 1 “Seed Money”

The story of AdVenture Capitalist is WEIRD.

Like one in a million weird. Or one in a quattuorquadragintillion weird, if you happen to play the game.

I get a lot of people asking about how it all came together, so I thought I’d take this chance to give you Capitalists the skinny on what went down. YOU’RE WELCOME!

Back in January of 2014, the Hyper Hippo team decided we would switch up the way we were making games (big multi-month / licensed projects), and try to build a bunch of smaller games.

We had the fortunate and enviable criteria to “find the fun” when choosing which games to build. The only catch: we had just a few months to try it.

We all got together, popped some popcorn, and started building like crazy.

I, myself, me, (Cody), pitched a couple ideas which got developed (check out the games Prism Break and Rain Drop sometime), but one idea I couldn’t get anyone on board to build was an admittedly weird idea for something called Progress Bar the Game.

It was a game about progress bars that fill, and let you unlock more progress bars. Surprisingly, no one was interested in building it for me.

Being a Designer/Writer, I had no experience with coding, so I should have tossed the idea into the bin. But I couldn’t get it out of my head. So, after a few weeks of trying to persuade others to make my dream a reality (whoa, I just realized I was dreaming of progress bars. I might have issues) — I headed over to the Unity Forums and YouTube for a few crash courses in C#.

I can’t even begin to describe how much I sucked at this. It took me a couple weeks just to learn the most basic of tools for creating my game. (And, in fact, since then I’ve found some really great tools that would have made it LOADS easier had I known about them. I’ll do a post about this in the future.) But after a truly painful dev process, I came into work with my dodgy, single-class, primitive little beast. It looked like this:

Now, there’s some stuff you probably notice right away. 1) This looks pretty dumb. 2) 30 buttons is the entire game. 3) There are Doge phrases in there (Doge was very hilarious to me at the time).

All that being said, I sent everyone in the office a copy, and was pretty much going to call it there (I felt pretty stoked that I had actually made something). But then something unexpected happened…

The entire office got immediately addicted to it. Our rooms filled with the sounds of “click click clicky”, and the race to obtain the most Neckbeards was on. You couldn’t even save your progress at this point. People were leaving their computers on over the weekend.

That’s when we thought we might actually have something on our hands.

TL;DR — I accidentally made an addicting game on my first try. I had no idea it was about to consume my life…

Lead Designer Cody

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