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A Walkthrough to Map3 Aliyun Edge Node Deployment

Hyperion has officially released a guide for Chinese domestic users to deploy edge node at Aliyun. With Aliyun, domestic users can now join Map3 network with easier steps than AWS. Hyperion will provide a brief walkthrough to edge node deployment in this article.

One Map

Maps are mathematical representations of Earth, as a medium for visual communication of geospatial information reationships and depict human perception of the world. In 2016, China’s map oligopoly AutoNavi realized that the future is ‘living map’, and map data in AI era will not be static. However, they failed to transfer their perceptions in data collection methods from traditional views. The key for traditional maps lies in the quality and accuracy of mapping, therefore they purchase expensive data collection devices to ensure it. But living map is built based on dispersive and changing human activities. Platforms such as logistics, take-aways, tourists and shopping are all built based on ‘living’ information to provide one-stop services to humans.

As AI and IoT technologies upgrades, intelligent applications depending on map data, such as self-driving cars, UVA and traffic control requires higher data pervasiveness, accuracy and instantaneity. Only when traditional Internet companies de-monopolizes user data by releasing it to the public, can the value of trusted and pervasive map data be fully rewarded to users.

Hyperion Team dedicates to build up the very first idea of One Map for the World, to converge the scattered Geospatial Information and metadata to one spatial data infrastructure.

Have you ever considered why big data collected based on map data is more precise than those collected by AI? As a basic community infrastructure, the most important for a restaurant is to establish word of mouth. A community restaurant that has existed on the map for years must have been proved to fit local taste and consumption level. No restaurants can survive without residents’ consumptions. In other words, the local community map has already included the information of residential habits.

Decentralized Map Service Network Map3

Map3 is located in Hyperion’s service layer built based on decentralized map protocol. One Map infrastructure and data service will be realized through Map3 network. The value of Map3 cannot be achieved without users. For instance, a social network App can create more value to you only when it is being used by most of your friends. Similarly, Map3 demands participants to join as edge nodes, to provide data service and maintain Map3 data in a more secure and efficient way. Hyperion will embed Map3 with portable devices in future, such as mobile phones and wearable gadgets, easier for node participants to contribute to Map3. One Map will provide standard map data to optimize user behavior when built.

Edge nodes running only requires free storage on your computer or mobile phone to download map data to local, without any additional costs. When business users or Apps/dApps join Mp3 to request map services, nodes can earn continuous rewards through token deposits (HYN) as providing them with value-added services.

Walkthrough to nodes deployment

Please refer to Aliyun’s official instructions to create your account. For more details pls click

Create an Aliyun account

(*Pre-requisite– you need to deposit at least 100 RMB in Aliyun account to deploy an edge node)

Open resource orchestration management

(Pls choose the following recommend regions)

N1 of China (Qingdao):


N2 of China(Beijing):


N3 of China(Zhangjiakou):


N5 of China(Huhehaote):


E1 of China(Hangzhou):


E2 of China(Shanghai):






Malaysia(Kuala Lumpur):






U.S.A(Silicon Valley):







1. Click the right corner “New Resource Stack”

2. Follow the steps below on the opened page

a. Choose your preferred region (the example is HK)

b. Choose “URL” in dropdown menu of “Template source”

c. In “Template URL” copy http://map3.oss-cn-hongkong.aliyuncs.com/aliyun-ros-deploy-map3-edge-node.json

d. Click “Next”

3. Fill in the following information in Stack Management

a. Stack name (Must be between 1 and 64 characters long, must initiate with letters, can contain number, “_” or “-”)

b. Use default for “Creation timeout” and “Roll back”

c. Use default for “ECS Image — ubuntu_16”

d. In usual circumstances, there’s no need to change the default “ECS Instance Type”. But when some regions lack resources, and shows no default “ECS Instance Type”, pls select in the dropdown menu for other “ECS Instance Type” and try again

e. Fill in password in “InstanceLoginPassword” and (Please Confirm) “InstanceLoginPassword” — must include Capital Letters, numbers, special letters (at lease 3 types), must be between 8 and 21 characters long

f. Click “Create”

If the information filled is correct, webpage will jump to “Request Submitted Successfully”. On this page, click “Go to the Events List” to check details of node deployment

“Events List” page will present your node progress. When webpage (will automatically refresh) shows “Stack CREATE Completed” (normally it takes 3–5 min), it means your edge node has been successfully deployed. Click the link in “Related Resource ID” to check “Stack Overview”

In “Stack Overview” can find the “PublicIp” of the Map3 node just created. IP can be used to view the map service status you initiated

Copy “PublicIp” and paste the address to browser to visit Map services. Pls fill in your contact details in “Support us” and click submit. We will contact you when edge node technology is updated.

Click the right corner to view individual node Dashboard, both login name and password for dashboard are “admin”

Switch “Instance Settings” from bandwidth to subscriptions

Visit Instance Page via the link below (The example is HK): https://ecs.console.aliyun.com/?spm=5176.2020520101.aliyun_sidebar.aliyun_sidebar_ecs.70a27d33y7jaFa#/server/region/cn-hongkong

Click the click “More” at the right side, and click Instance Settings — Switch to Subscription

In the pop-up page, click “Please click Batch Change”

On pop-up page, choose your preferred service length, and tick “Switch to subscription disk”, and click “OK”.

Now your edge node deployment is complete

To Delete a Node

*Please follow the instructions below to delete an edge node

On the page of “Stack Management”, click to “delete” the node stack you request

It takes 1–2 minutes to delete a node

Please send your inquiries to Hyperion Forum via https://talk.hyn.space if you have encountered any problems. Or send an email to chenbin@hyn.space for technical issues.



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