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Hyperion Launched HSWAP in Titan

Dear Community,

We’re glad to announce the launch of HSWAP (a built-in swap function) within Titan. Users can now transfer & trade HYN/USDT using your wallet account, and check orders history and updates directly in Titan.

The advantages to adopt HSWAP is obvious. First, it is more secure than a third-party exchange. It empowers each HYN holder to manage private key on your local device, meanwhile requiring no KYC verification as on exchanges, to ensure that only you can access your crypto-assets.

Secondly, it costs much less transaction fee and listing fee. HYN token holders who transfer between wallet and HSWAP accounts, or trade between HYN and other tokens, will pay much less transaction fee using HSWAP than exchanges. More trading pairs will be introduced after the mainnet launch.

In addition, Hyperion will attract more developers to build map-based dApps, and issue project token based on our infrastructure with little token issuance charge, whereby to enrich the map services provided to all users. While an exchange platform can preclude a new developer/project by charging high listing fee with tortuous listing process.

In addition, external exchanges might dilute the value of your tokens due to security issues or malicious behaviors, as the ownership of your asset is not in your hand.

The new HSWAP underpins the future plan of Hyperion, which is DMAP +DEX + DEFI+ DMKT. It starts with a more open-source, low cost and secure HSWAP function to build up more efficient blockchain map ecosystem. It is also a vital step to enable map users and developers to create and remain the value of HYN within the ecosystem.

How HSWAP works?

First Step: Authorize wallet

Authorize wallet to transact

Create/import a wallet first

After successfully importing/creating your wallet

Use wallet, and authorize

Set 6-digit payment password

Second Step: Transfer Assets

In settings, adjust to show asset price in USD/CNY

On trading page, click transfer button to transfer your HYN/USD

Choose accounts and token

Please be aware:

Transfer from wallet to exchange account, requires no less than 50 HYN

Transfer from exchange to wallet account, requires no less than 200 HYN

Transfers will charge gas fee in ETH/HYN

Confirm details, click “Send”

Enter payment password

Charge completed

Third Step: Trade HYN

On Exchange page, click “Trade”

Click “buy/sell HYN”

Confirm details & click “buy/sell”

Click All to check history

Check HYN Price

On trading page, Click HYN

Check price details

or click the “candle” on trade page to check price




Hyperion, a decentralized map platform, aims to achieve the “One Map” vision — to provide an unified view of global map data and service, and to make it universally accessible just like a public utility for 10B people.

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