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Hyperion launched a new Titan version with POI Contribution Function

Hyperion launched a new version of Titan privacy map for global users to add Point of Interests (POIs) such as restaurants, hotels and airports with simple steps at mobile ends, which offers great convenience for map users to search for nearby locations based on decentralized network. Hyperion encourages community members to contribute as many POIs as possible with photos and other maximum details, so that if a map user is looking for a nearby restaurant, he/she just needs to search for a keyword such as “buffet” on the front page, then available pinpoints will show on the map with full details to check. In the meantime, the details are useful to verify nearby POI errors to ensure the efficiency and trustiness of decentralized map services. In future, Hyperion will incentivize POI contributors and punish bad actors.

A walkthrough to POI contribution

Click data contribution section
If you don’t have an HYN wallet yet, click to create/import a wallet before contributing data

After creating/importing a wallet, the wallet address will show on the page

(You can click to change to another address anytime)

Click “Add POI Information” to proceed

Click “Confirm” to allow access to your location if the reminder shows
On this page, move the blue pinpoint to your POI position

Then click “confirm” to proceed

Fill-in POI details (*are compulsory)

POI has been added successfully

Click Finish to complete!

Back to data contribution section

Click “Verify POI information” to check uploaded POIs

The network will select a random POI for you to verify the details

If you find any incorrect info, click Error Address

Otherwise, click Correct Address

Please re-confirm your submission
Your submission is successful!

Thanks for your contribution



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