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Hyperion Launched HynScan 2.0

The Hyperion team recently worked for a major overhaul of the Hynscan and brought the system to a new radical height. New features are out, and we are expecting to see several rollouts in the HynScan 2.0.

What is HynScan?

HynScan is a useful resource for all Titan Network users to keep eyes on transactions, check smart contracts, view statistics and generally stay on top of what’s happening in the Atlas Chain. What’s more, Users are free to use the main features without registering; whether you are an investor, miner or developer, you will find it a handy way to spot information about blocks and transactions of HYN in one place and in real-time.

What is HynScan2.0?

HynScan 2.0 is an upgrade to the already existing Hyn search engine. It refers to a set of interconnected upgrades that carry out re-construction innovation and improve visualization.

What’s new?

Rewrite the Search Engine

The original version of Hynscan writes on the open-source framework; the 2.0 version will be otherwise researched and built based on Atlas Mainnet. The self-build program/ search engine grants full autonomy to our team with great flexibility, enabling us to deal with update and alternation promptly.

Ranking Chart

Hynscan 2.0 fully transfers and adopts features from Hynscan 1.0, with two additional, distinct functions roll out to better visualize statistics from the Titan database. One is the newly implant Map3 node ranking table, given the total reward determines the order of the participants’ position. The other is the Atlas node staking table with the total assets staked to decide the validators’ ranking. Given the two added functions, users can view real-time node staking information without accessing the Titan application.

Updated User Interface (UI)

Given the revamp of the block explorer, we expect a substantial refurbishment of the layout. The previous interface highlights several real-time statistics on the page’s top right; Blocks and Transactions are two sections that cover details of block heights, transactions, token minting and more.

The Hynscan 2.0 prepares a more sophisticated and structured homepage graphically. With a search box on the top right, users can type in and look up information in time. The below layout input split the interface into five domains, with general information on top, Latest block and Latest transaction in the middle, and finishes with two added functions, the bottom’s ranking list.

Hynscan 2.0 will gain more features over time and the details of that are still being figured out.




Hyperion, a decentralized map platform, aims to achieve the “One Map” vision — to provide an unified view of global map data and service, and to make it universally accessible just like a public utility for 10B people.

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