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Hyperion launched Titan Privacy Map

Hyperion officially launched Titan — a privacy map product. Titan is a consumer-facing map service based at ecosystem layer of Hyperion technology and service architecture. With similar privacy features as Telegram, Titan aims to protect global user’s private location share.

Privacy Map Titan

Big Tech companies are facing fierce competition in privacy protections in 2019, to gain consumer beliefs in their new privacy protection products, as a response to the privacy misconduct throughout the past years. Titan is designed based on cryptographic location share technology with the vision of One Map. Both user identities and shared location data will be hidden as encrypted, to protect private location share with the unique four features as follows:

#location never leaves your phone

Titan users need to download regional map data to view the location map. The download feature effectively protects user privacies from being tracked by third party platforms. As is reported, an idle Android phone with Chrome web browser active in the background sent location information to Google 340 times during every 24-hour period. To quote what Apple touted at the beginning of 2019 ” What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone”.

#Cryptographic location share

Titan adopts cryptographic technology to encrypt location share and receiver address, which only permits the secret address holder to decrypt the shared location. If the encrypted address is refreshed, or when the user reinstalls Titan, the previously shared location code cannot be decrypted. Imagine that you lock a map marked with a location in a secure box, then only one person in the world who has the right key can open that box.

#Screenshot becomes impossible

Screenshot feature aims to share information conveniently but, in the meantime, also creates privacy leakage risks. To prevent any privacy misbehaviors, Titan ensures that no personal information is generated in the process of location share, which decreases the screenshots privacy trace by third parties to zero.

#Burn up history

Different from Snapchat’s design of automatic history erasure, Titan allows users to tap to delete map history which includes search, location view, and receiver’s encrypted address with one click, protecting personal data while enabling users to feel the ownership of personal device information. The feature especially benefits those who share business or sensitive information.

Application scenarios

Private location share is needed in everyday life. For instance, without privacy map, third parties can easily access our private date location, or watch our daily commute, and recommends endless ads to us. Also, location privacy can be serious when it comes to the security of children. An anonymous candidate from Asian Hacker Room Challenge Geekpwn exposed the fact that, he once successfully located a child with the location function built in iPhone 8, and he peeked the telephone no. of the parents in the phone, pretended to be the parent and called the child. Titan aims to safeguard user securities and we welcome our users to explore Titan’s application scenarios and share your experience with us in Hyperion Talk.

When Atlas Chain Main net is built in future, every user will join the decentralized map service network Map3 as edge nodes. The increasing Map3 nodes can boost the features of Titan service such as search, locate and GPS, and continue to improve user experience.

A Simple Guide to Titan

Read the following instructions before downloading Titan

● Scan the following QR code to download Titan to your Android Phone (Titan is currently available to Android only)

● Choose whether to participate in Titan improvement plan (participation is recommended)

● After sharing your private location, click the following Titan button to delete history data

● When tapping “Clear Trace”, Titan will revert to default settings, by deleting the history of encrypted addresses and locatinon browsing history.

●Users can download to use off-line map


*User A (Share encrypted location message), User B (View decoded map)

Step A: How to share encryptographic location?

  1. UserB tap the left top button to open settings

2. UserB click “my encrypted address (public key)” to generate the key and QR code and choose one to share with User A via Messaging Apps. If User A has not downloaded Tian, UserB can click to “share” Titan QR code.

3. Encrypted address (public key) refreshes every 24 hours, or users can manuualy tap “Confirm” to refresh the key. Pls be aware that, the refreshed key will be unable to decrypt the preivous location code received.

4. UserA double click the button at the right bottom.

5. Confirm whether to allow Titan to access your device location.

6. UserA click on map to choose the location to share (blank area requires 1–2 sec with long press), and click “share” to generate location code (double-click the button at the right bottom to directly jump to your current location)

7. Or User A can input a location name, tap “search or decrypt” frame and select from the dropdown menu.

8. UserA paste UserB’s encryptd address (public key).

9. Or User A can scan UserB’s encrypted address in QR code

10.Fill in notes (optional)

11.UserA click “Encrypt & share” to generate location code and share it with User B via Messaging Apps

Step B: View decoded map

  1. User B copy the location code received from User A in Messaging App, and open Titan

2. UserB click “Show location in Map” if the location code automatically appears in Titan

3. If the code does not appear automatically, UserB tap the top “Search or Decrypt” frame

4. Paste the encrypted location in the pop-up frame, and tap “search”to show map

5. If decryption is successful, the location will show together with the notes if available

Scan to download Titan



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