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Hyperion Monthly Update- February, 2020

Dear Community,

Since the beginning of February, much attention has been paid to the trend of Coronavirus outbreak, especially in Wuhan, China. Hyperion team has been working non-stop remotely on epidemic tracking map products with decentralized features such as crowd-source and crowd-build since then, as an alternative source for users to track the nearby virus location to support the early detection of Covid-19. Although the most impactful “grey rhino event” is continuing to grow as a huge challenge to many countries around the world in terms of the economic and job market, however, the lucky side is that the efficiency and effectiveness of a decentralized technology to manage the big data, financial system and materials has been realized by more institutions and governments around the world. 2020 will be a great year of opportunity for the application of blockchain ecosystem to various industries.

Hyperion team is committed to presenting a more comprehensive decentralized map ecosystem by the end of this year, and we appreciate your long-term support to go further.

Product Updates

Titan updates

One week before the CNY, Hyperion launched a new function in Titan privacy map — POI contribution. Users can add nearby Point of Interests (POIs) such as restaurants, hotels or airports with the location details at mobile ends, so that anyone can search for the most updated nearby location details based on a crowd-build map. In the meantime, gaming mechanism is adopted within Titan to ensure the trustiness of uploaded POI information. We can report the errors of a nearby POI that the map randomly chooses for us. In future, Hyperion will introduce the incentive mechanism to reward trusted POI contributors and punish the bad actors.

Global Covid-19 Map

On 30th Jan., W.H.O. declared Covid-19 as global emergency as Wuhan Coronavirus spreads. On 5th Feb., Hyperion updated Titan Covid-19 global map to track the real-time virus locations around the globe to help reduce the risk of secondary infections by identifying nearby patients early. Travelers can also check the destination updates on Titan Map to avoid any unnecessary risks. In addition, USDT trading function has been updated in Titan wallet.

Added Coronavirus POI contribution function

The complex process of disease detection requires loads of time to obtain the dispersive case details, especially when the virus carrier is moving around. On 11st Feb., as the daily new confirmed cases of China reached its peak, Hyperion decided to open POI contribution function in Virus tracking map, as addition to the official surveillance and broadcast. The advantage is obvious, since the dispersive confirmed cases in community level will be first broadcast to the nearby residents with much details, it will be much quicker for a local resident to identify an emergent case rather than wait for the official confirmation from national level. In the meantime, users must comply with the upload agreement to protect individual privacy.

The real-time tracking map with crowd contribution function will help prevent the further outbreak of infectious disease with higher speed and lower cost. On the map, users will see two colors of POIs. Red POIs are collected from the National and Provincial Health Committee, while the yellow POIs are uploaded by global users. Titan currently offer various language settings include English, Chinese and Korean.

Global Community Growth

Titan Downloads

So far, 3,200 users have downloaded Titan privacy map since launched. Titan community has over 2,000 members till the end of Feb. We’ll keep updating Titan’s new features in the following months.

Live Video Streams

Hyperion’s co-founder Mr. Kai Law has recorded 5 videos in Feb. The topics cover<2020, what BTC is trying to express>, <a post-coronavirus 2020>, <a re-examination of 2020, what BTC wants to say>, etc. The channel has attracted over 1,172 subscribers till the end of this month. Please feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel and post your comments or inquiries to interact with us.

News Reports

We have over 2.7 million views across domestics and overseas mainstream media platforms for our articles. This month, Hyperion has cooperated with three new blockchain media platforms, finacerun, qufen, and Token Club. Other traditional and blockchain media platforms include but not limited to TechChina, South Enterprise News, NetEase, Sohu, Toutiao, Baidu, ifeng, Jinse, Huoxing24, QBI Community, and AICoin, etc.

Hyperion envisions the decentralized future

Hyperion Team dedicates to build up One Map solution for the World through decentralized technologies, and to provide a trusted and secure map data based on spatial consensus protocol based on its core value: aggressively open and decentralized. Everyone will be empowered to build map technology, share economic return and govern map communities when the dencentralized world is built. Hyperion has launched three decentralized map products so far: Map3–2B decentralized map service network, Titan — 2C privacy Map, and Atlas — spatial consensus blockchain, for both 2B & 2C. We need your support to go further.



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