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Hyperion Monthly Update-January, 2019

Dear friends,

Here are monthly updates from Hyperion team.

Launch of New Products

27 Dec 2018 — Hyperion released its first product MapRush (dMapper) in Hong Kong. MapRush becomes a critical starting point for Hyperion to reach spatial consensus.

6 Jan 2019 — Hyperion launched its branding video <Hyperion Global MapChain>, envisioning the decentralized future

6 Jan 2019- Hyperion launched Map3 (dMap) DevNet with nodes covering Europe, Asia, America and Australia. Map3 is a secure, and high-speed decentralized map network aiming to provide high quality services to business institutions and end consumers. In future, service providers will get reward to their contributions when token payment channel is built.

Products Update & New Product Pre-announcement

Hyperion is currently updating Map3 Dashboard and edge node test map, for users to access and check edge node performance at ease. In the meantime, Hyperion will continue to update the number of Map3 service node participation.

Feb 2019 — Hyperion will launch a beta version if Titan. Users can download Titan and see location information built based on the Map3 network. Titan supports custom map styles — users can be a map designer to redefine the look of spaces. In the future, Titan will serve more location-based functions such as advertisements, searches and positioning.

Good News

Hyperion was jointly and highly rated by domestic leading blockchain credit rating agency ONE.TOP and China Software Industry Association Blockchain Branch

11 Dec 2018 — Hyperion jointly launched its token HYN listing at Bibox & Bgogo Digital Assets Exchange.

Co-founder Dr. Isaac Zhang’s speech delivered at TEDxCHINA in Dec 2018 was ranked as one of the five most influential speeches since founded

6 Jan 2019 Hyperion officially listed its Token HYN at CoinExchange.io

News Reports

Selected Articles Published in Mainstream Domestic Media

Selected Articles Published in Mainstream Global Media

Community Growth

By Jan 2019, Hyperion has made a huge progress in community size. The number of our community members has reached 72,809, as compared to the small team of 20 when built. Now, our global community comprises WeChat group 45,000 members, Telegram 26,209 members, and 1,600 members in Japan. Every member has become the driving force to realize future consensus map.

We sincerely appreciate our community members who devote their time and efforts to share project updates, answer community inquiries, and provide product feedback to the team. As we launch more products in the future, we expect more enthusiasts can join us to catalyze the spatial consensus future.

Hyperion envisions the decentralized future

Hyperion has been striving for building a global decentralized map ecosystem based on spatial consensus protocol, which will benefit 10 trillion people in the world when achieving map autonomy. It means people are empowered to build map technology, share economic return and govern map communities when the decentralized world is built.

Our global community has witnessed the significant and steady progress Hyperion team has made from 2018–2019. With white paper and two pioneering products launched, spatial consensus map is revealing to us all. We will go further steady and firm with all your expectations and support.

Hyperion Team

January 23rd, 2019



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