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Hyperion Monthly Update- July, 2019

Product Updates

Titan privacy map

Hyperion launched Titan Map Store — a map data layer service that contains various map data layers for personalized real-life applications. Hyperion has launched three map layers so far — police station map layer, Embassy and Consulate map layer, and night life tourism map layer. Tourists in London, Hong Kong, Jakarta, San Francisco and Los Angeles can view destination’s POI details for anytime on their mobile devices for security reasons or exploring tourism spots in South East Asia. Map layers aim to provide secure and personalized map layer service for global users. Titan Map Store currently supports Google Pay, and will transfer to HYN payment when wallet is installed in Titan.

Global Community Growth

Titan Downloads

A total number of 2,600 users have downloaded Titan so far since it was launched. By the end of July, 645 members have joined domestic Titan community. When the test completes, Titan map will focus on the growth of Titan community. We will keep updating the community with Titan new features.

Hyperion forum has published 104 articles in total. So far we have 17,320 community members sharing ideas and user experience for product improvement. We welcome more users to join and contribute to the community.

Good News

On 29th July, Hyperion officially announced a new partnership with Lik On Security Limited — a subsidiary of Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited (SHKP), which provides world-class security services and innovative technology solutions. Lik On has over thirty years of professional knowledge in quality intelligent security services and business development. Their clients include (but not limited to) real estates, shopping malls, hotels, property management, data centre, etc. under SHKP businesses. The partnership is committed to R&D cooperation in privacy map technologies to be applied in one-stop premium quality security solution; new security map based on advanced cryptographic protocol and decentralized data layers, as well as other applications to increase business value based on Location-based-services (LBS).

SHKP is a listed corporation based in HK, with current market value of 390 billion HKD. The group specializes in developing premium quality residential projects, and owns an extensive network of shopping malls, offices and hotels, etc. In addition to property businesses, it also invests heavily in building city infrastructure, including telecommunications, information technology, transportation and other businesses.

On 10th July, Hyperion (HYN) has officially listed on BISS — the world’s most advanced membership-based exchange and the first ever Crypto-to-Stocks and Crypto-to-Crypto trading platform.

On 11th July, Hyperion opened HYN/USDT trading pair on Bibox.

On 19th July, Hyperion (HYN) officially listed on Binance DEX — the leading global cryptocurrency exchange and ecosystem — and opened HYN/BNB trading pair.

On 29th July, Hyperion (HYN) officially listed on Biki.com — the world’s leading digital currency trading platform, and opened HYN/BTC HYN/ETH HYN/USDT trading pairs.

Map3 Nodes

Map3 is the first global decentralized service network that supports Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPs) for business users. Similar to bitcoin off-chain lightning network, Map3 distributes diversified global map data to business users with high efficiency through open-source service ecology based on decentralized map service protocol.

By the end of May, 270 nodes have joined Map3 network via Aliyun (domestic market) or AWS (overseas market). Increased nodes will improve the service level of map data distribution featuring with low-latency and high-availability. When Map3 upgrade completes, a large scale of edge nodes will join the decentralized network to provide secure and trusted map services.

News Reports

Hyperion product news have accumulated more than 2.6 million views across domestics and overseas mainstream media platforms this month, which include traditional and blockchain media platforms, such as TechChina, South Enterprise News, NetEase, Sohu, Toutiao, Baidu, ifeng, Jinse, Huoxing24, QBI Community, and AICoin, etc.

Hyperion envisions the decentralized future

Hyperion Team dedicates to build up One Map solution for the World through decentralized technologies, and to provide a trusted and secure map data based on spatial consensus protocol based on its core value: aggressively open and decentralized. Everyone will be empowered to build map technology, share economic return and govern map communities when the dencentralized world is built. Hyperion has launched three decentralized map products so far: Map3–2B decentralized map service network, Titan — 2C privacy Map, and Atlas — spatial consensus blockchain, for both 2B & 2C. We need your support to go further.

Hyperion Team



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