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Hyperion Monthly Update — March, 2021

Dear Community,

March is a prosperous month for our project. We’re thrilled to introduce RHEA, a secure, decentralized digital asset bridge allowing users to move assets from Atlas to HECO, of course, also from HECO back to Atlas. The function of Atlas-HECO Cross-Chain Asset Transaction has also been integrated.

Titan App now supports Atlas-HECO Cross-Chain Asset Transaction On MDEX

Titan App rolls out a major update, Version 4.0.56, on the 20th of March. The update brought the following:

- Addresses what was described as called liquidity stagnation. The introduction of the cross-chain bridge — RHEA, enable users to project ATLAS Assets (HYN/RP) to HECO or the other way around. The added feature encourages cross-chain activities and expects to stimulate liquidity

- Brings in interface tweaks, MDEX trading portal is now active on Titan DApp. Users can authorize crypto wallets to trade HYN /RP on MDEX. Notice: a small amount of HT is needed as transaction fee.

Titan will bring in more DApp application scenarios built based on the location-blockchain-service (LBS), dedicated to creating a whole new experience for users.

Hyperion form strategic partnership with IFA Group

On the 17th of March, Hyperion announced it had formed an exclusive strategic partnership with IFA Group, an HK-based investment group, to pursue opportunities in expanding the application of decentralized geospatial services in real estates. IFA Group owns an impressive track record in real estate brokerage across multiple asset classes. Hyperion’s diverse experience in decentralized geospatial service and blockchain technology will complement their existing services in the foreseeable future.

The partnership expects to foster the extensive adoption of geospatial data, enlighten future application scenarios, and reposition undermanaged location data in commercial areas. With blockchain technology, the complex set of algorithms and the vibrant, decentralized ecosystem will make an excellent use case of crowd-built POI while lowering the maintenance effort and securing user privacy at the same time.

Hyperion and Hotel JCJ Group Launch Collaboration Featuring Decentralized Map Supported Services

On 24th of March, Hyperion and Hotel JCJ announced a partnership on the JCJ Samui project that redefines tradition property planning and extends the applicable scenarios employs decentralized map service. Bringing in Hyperion’s innovative technologies to Chaweng, Koh Samui, Thailand, the liveliest district of this wonderful island, the home to bars, sandy beaches, and various viewpoints, will enable developers, merchants, and tourists to assess an all-sided and agile resort. A resort envisages more accurate decentralized map service in support of tailored facilities and infrastructure.

Hyperion, known as a high-quality geospatial service provider, will foray into the commercial property industry with a reveal of the latest geospatial breakthrough. JCJ Group, known for a luxurious property developer, will set foot in the blockchain map landscape. Leveraging each company’s respective expertise and extensive reach, the partnership will bring property planning to the next generation by seamlessly integrating the real-estate and decentralized realms.

Global Community Growth

Community Live-Stream and Events

By the end of March, Hyperion had produced one Livestream- <Insights of the Bullish Bitcoin Market >. Topics cover product iteration, industrial analysis, the future of Blockchain technology and more. The viewing hits record high on 910k times, and the playback is available on YiZhiBo and Youtube. Oversea Community could access the playback by subscribing to HyperionSG or our Youtube Channel.

On the 4th of March, Kai Law, CEO of Hyperion, attended the MBACHINA forum– Chengdu Stop and gave his talk on the ‘Crypto Economic — An asset revolution propelled by Technology’. Given the emerging pandemic outbreak and massive Crypto supplies, he spoke about the prevailing Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and current adoption. In particular, blockchain, as an encrypted asset, brings humankind to a watershed moment. The forum also hosts industrial content dedicated to the five latest blockchain-powered tendencies and the future asset evolution. At the same time, Kai elicits a discussion on top of realising the value of decentralised blockchain.

Hyperion Telegram Community host two AMAs on the 13th and 22nd of March, respectively. The AMA briefed community members on the progress that have been achieved in the past month, and elaborated on the most frequent inquiries posted by Titan community. Stay with us in Telegram; we will outline the opportunities and provide regular updates.

Coming to Hyperion’s global operation, we are happy to see the growing numbers of reposts and rewets on Hyperion projects. In total, 19,912 community members participate and active in the March events.

Envision the decentralized future

Hyperion Team dedicates to build up One Map solution for the World through decentralized technologies, and to provide trusted and secure one-stop blockchain services based on spatial consensus protocol with its core value: aggressively open and decentralized. Everyone will be empowered to build map technology, share economic return and govern the map communities when the decentralized world is built. Hyperion has launched the following decentralized map products so far: Map3–2B decentralized map service network, Titan — 2C privacy Map, PoH — the hybrid consensus mechanism, HYN economic model and Atlas — spatial consensus blockchain, for both 2B & 2C. We need your support to go further.

Being the first-ever groundbreaking blockchain RP launched by Hyperion, the RP (Red Pocket) also presents the first use case on Atlas on-chain transaction. The RP project is one major milestone in building the future DeMa (Decentralized Market) and becoming the gas fee in the subsequent HRC30 ecosystem. HRC30 is hoping to address future market demands by welcoming varieties. Meanwhile, turning into a diversified ecosystem/platform to facilitate the creation of multi-industry dApps. The RP burning mechanism will otherwise work to balance the tokens’ supply-demand to appreciate the RP value further.




Hyperion, a decentralized map platform, aims to achieve the “One Map” vision — to provide an unified view of global map data and service, and to make it universally accessible just like a public utility for 10B people.

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