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Hyperion Monthly Update- May, 2020

Project Updates

We are happy to see a growing number of HYN holders from our global community joined Map3 network and delegated HYN to the cloud node staking contract since its launch by the end of April. According to the latest updates, 14 cloud nodes were successfully initiated with 300 delegators in total. Congratulations to all participants!

While delegators further engage with the network, our team is busy collecting their feedback during the delegation process to optimize the current crowd-funding and re-staking steps to be more simplified and adaptive to delegator behaviors.

Just be more patient as we adjust the details to be launched in near future.

Hyperion held MAP3 Initiation Conference online

Hyperion held Map3 global initiation conference on the 18th May. The co-founders of Hyperion CEO Kai Law, CTO Guangxian Zou, and Chief Architect Dr. Isaac Zhang delivered the latest project details to the global community from the market, industrial and technology perspectives. The conference also offered an opportunity for Hyperion partners and community members to interact and share ideas.

The conference was delivered in Mandarin, which is available online via the link here. In the meantime, you can follow our medium page to check the English version of the three key-note speeches (to be update).

Global Community Growth

Titan Downloads

So far, we have 78,174 members within Titan community ready to become the first cohort of POI contributors and improve the decentralized map ecosystem. We will announce the rule of POI contribution at mobile ends with updated community structure between Titan and cloud nodes in the next version of economic model.

Live Streams and Community Campaigns

Mr. Kai Law recorded 2 videos this month, including live streams. The topics cover<Bitcoin contest of Wall Street> and < What is cryptocurrency>. The videos have over 0.9 million views across various platforms by the end of this month, and attracted 10,936 subscribers globally. Please feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel and post your comments or inquiries to interact with us.

Following the launch of Map3 cloud node staking contract, we held a community campaign on Twitter and a quiz session on Telegram regarding the node staking details with HYN rewards to the winners. The quizs mainly covered Map3 topics including network upgrades, HYN delegation, crowd-fund rules, and reward calculation, etc.

What’s next

By the end of June, Hyperion will launch an AMA session in partner with Trust Wallet on the decentralized map ecosystem.

Follow us on Twitter to check for more upcoming events.

News Reports

Our latest events were reported by various traditional and blockchain media with over 2.9 million views across overseas platforms. This month’s media platforms include finacerun, qufen, and Token Club TechChina, South Enterprise News, NetEase, Sohu, Toutiao, Baidu, ifeng, Jinse, Huoxing24, QBI Community, and AICoin, etc.

Envision the decentralized future

Hyperion Team dedicates to build up One Map solution for the World through decentralized technologies, and to provide trusted and secure one-stop blockchain services based on spatial consensus protocol with its core value: aggressively open and decentralized. Everyone will be empowered to build map technology, share economic return and govern the map communities when the dencentralized world is built. Hyperion has launched the following decentralized map products so far: Map3–2B decentralized map service network, Titan — 2C privacy Map, PoH — the hybrid consensus mechanism, HYN economic model and Atlas — spatial consensus blockchain, for both 2B & 2C. We need your support to go further.



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