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Hyperion Monthly Update- November, 2019

Dear Community,

We are pleased to announce the latest progress of Hyperion in November, including project updates, global community growth, PR news and the future product launch in the forthcoming weeks.

Product Updates

PoH (Proof of Hybrid) consensus

Hyperion will launch PoH consensus in December. The consensus is proposed to underpin the community structure that anchors on the Map3 and connects participants of both Titan and Atlas with the incentive mechanism through HYN staking and map services.

PoH is a hybrid of PoW and PoS in effect on different layers: Map3 nodes fairly race for Re-staking memberships with a flavour of PoW (adjusted for map services) and Atlas nodes produce blocks with a PoS-based protocol. Such a ladder structure is designed to incentivize an end-to-end deeper involvement of the community, and to improve the efficiency and quality of the network.

Titan App

Hyperion launched a new version of Titan Map in Nov. to support the HYN economic model and decentralized map ecosystem. It integrates cryptocurrency wallet and decentralized map services based on the original functions such as private location share and personalized map layer service. The new Titan works as a platform at mobile ends to run the decentralized map ecosystem, serve decentralized map service requests, and incentivize participants with HYN rewards. In future, developers can further enrich the global map layers and develop personalized DMaps (decentralized Map Apps) to vitalize the ecosystem and increase service rewards to each contributor.

Titan Wallet

Hyperion officially launched the updated Titan Map in Nov., which enables users to manage private keys and crypto assets. Its includes the features of cryptocurrency deposits and cross-chain trading, as well as supporting multi-currency wallets.

The current version of Titan Wallet supports HYN and ETH transactions, and it will be updated to support more cryptocurrencies, such as USDT and BTC.

Global Community Growth

Titan Downloads

So far, 2,900 users have downloaded Titan privacy map since launched. Titan community has over 1,670 members in total. We will keep updating the community with new features of Titan.

Live Video Streams

Hyperion’s co-founder Mr. Kai Law has launched 3 live video streams in November. All videos can be found on Hyperion SG channel via YouTube. The topics include <The three kingdoms of DC/EP, USD and BTC>, <The governance of cryptocurrency under financial tsunami>, and <Future of DC/EP and BTC>. The channel has attracted over 10k+ views and 965 followers. You can subscribe our YouTube channel and post your comments or inquiries to interact with us.

News Reports

We have over 2.65 million views across domestics and overseas mainstream media platforms for our articles. This month, Hyperion has cooperated with three new blockchain media platforms, finacerun, qufen, and Token Club. Other traditional and blockchain media platforms include but not limited to TechChina, South Enterprise News, NetEase, Sohu, Toutiao, Baidu, ifeng, Jinse, Huoxing24, QBI Community, and AICoin, etc.

Hyperion envisions the decentralized future

Hyperion Team dedicates to build up One Map solution for the World through decentralized technologies, and to provide a trusted and secure map data based on spatial consensus protocol based on its core value: aggressively open and decentralized. Everyone will be empowered to build map technology, share economic return and govern map communities when the dencentralized world is built. Hyperion has launched three decentralized map products so far: Map3–2B decentralized map service network, Titan — 2C privacy Map, and Atlas — spatial consensus blockchain, for both 2B & 2C. We need your support to go further.

Hyperion Team



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