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Hyperion’s official walkthrough to PoH consensus protocol

Dear Community,

We’re happy to bring you our latest update — PoH (Proof of Hybrid) consensus protocol. The protocol works as the foundation for blockchain community and economic structure to run smoothly. The PoH White Paper has shown the difficult algorithm part. This article will briefly guide you through the logic behind the design of PoH, to help you understand what it aims to achieve and what each community member can do to help develop and sustain the decentralized map ecology.

The structure of modern society is supported by different contracts designed to maintain various relationships such as marriage, business partnership, employment, etc. A strong endorsement of laws and systems has established a complete trust mechanism to ensure the premise of stable social development in most cases.

However, our daily information is highly controlled within a centralized society. Oligopolies such as Google, Facebook, Alibaba, and Tencent occupy key production capital to get high profits through re-allocation of resources. In return, employees only get paid with salaries for their labour contributions and spend their salary to buy products to meet daily and higher-level of demands.

We might have never realized that, centralization is only one form of production. Enterprises isolate employees from the value of products and services they created, so that they never realize what we deserve. However, the structure of society will change with blockchain technology. With decentralized algorithm and technology, the existing laws and regulations will be transformed into immutable consensus protocols to ensure a high degree of consensus reached by individuals that enforces the desired social-economic structure as a whole, without any third-party trust.

PoH is designed to embody the aforementioned structure.

Decentralized Map Community Structure

A practical social-economic structure is strictly determined by the shared vision of the community and to be realized by its ecosystem. Under One Map vision, Hyperion aims to provide LBS (location-based blockchain service) and benefit all community members through redefining location data collection, service providing, consumption and rewards distribution via Titan, Map3 and Atlas chain.

Titan is a mobile app providing public access to Map3 services. It is a direct interface like Google Map for users to obtain decentralized map services provided by participants within Map3 network. Map3 is the decentralized map service network formed by Map3 nodes to serve map service requests; Atlas is the underlying blockchain of the ecosystem with features such as wallet and transactions. Atlas chain will be launched in Sep 2020.

How it can be achieved

Map3 network bridges various roles from token holders, map developers, investors and map users via an internal social-economic structure underpinned by the consensus protocol PoH. Although these participants share various values and purposes, they can choose to join the ecosystem at Titan, Map3 or Atlas for various levels of economic rewards.

At Titan level, token holders stake their HYN to support node operators for running Map3 nodes for the service incentive, so that they can share service rewards with the node operators; At network level, Map3 nodes compete fairly based on their location services provided to the ecosystem and the winners can re-stake for running Atlas nodes for the mining incentive. At Atlas-chain level, re-staking nodes compete for block-producing nodes entirely based on PoS — the amount and time length of staking at Map3 network. At this level, the micro-stakers who lent HYN to the re-stakable map3 nodes can also share the mining rewards at Atlas level.

The pyramid structure is designed to implement the ecosystem automatically and sustainably by incentivizing an end-to-end deeper involvement of the community, and Map3 opens the gate for token holders, geeks and traditional Internet users to run the ecosystem through staking, Map3 nodes deployment and block producing for economic rewards in return.

Finally, I would like to quote three key words from the white paper to summarize the essence of the consensus protocol.

- Simplicity

- Stability

- Security

The PoH consensus protocol aims to achieve a decentralized map ecology that minimizes the service costs and unforeseen security issues, by creating a sustainable and self-sufficient decentralized community environment.

Thank you!



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