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Location-based RP is Launched Now

From the third quarter of 2020 till early 2021, Hyperion has slowly gained confidence in developing and applying the Atlas Mainnet and the HRC 30 protocol. Hyperion also issued the first HRC30 supported DEMO application, the RedPocket(RP). Since that, they continue cultivating and perfecting the on-chain mapping ecosystem about geospatial data and Titan application. On top of the decentralized mapping network, they give full attention in forging many more achievable, possible and diversified application scenarios.

Coming to the Chinese New Year, We are happy to see two intriguing RP makeovers in relation to location data transferring. First, is the location-based RP. An RP built on geo targeting and open to all participants; Second, a newcomer RP, an exclusive airdrop only to new participants.

The newest two RPs will debut at the 2021 CNY, shares common features with Lucky Draw, Constant giveaway and Promotion Gives out in essence, but with different functional makeup. The implied meaning closely associates with the traditional red pocket, basically spread blessing and luck. The additional touch up and variation in functions are created to enlarge the audience pool and speed up the RP distribution/ circulation.

Well, the pandemic might stop us from paying our beloved one a new year visit, but our love should continue. Grab this opportunity to share your care and joy with someone you adored, or you can simply leave a warm-hearted note to the passerby! Besides, it does help to forge an active, robust and thriving RP community with one little participation. And that’s, I think, answers why I should take my own money in distribution.

We all understand the more crowded the community, the better it becomes. Greater demand in HYN and RP would eventually appreciate what we have on hand currently. But that’s definitely not all the goods it brings, I wanna talk a bit more about each of the new releases, stay with me, and this shall be an excellent opportunity for you and the community as a whole!!

Type 1: Location based RP

- via sharing only

Current Titan users could input a considerable volume of RP and HYN in one single newcomer RP , and share the blessing to new participants via social media platforms. A qualified new participant must comply with this condition: has not yet been referred or being a referrer in the RP network. Whoever succeeds in opening the newcomer RP would be automatically assigned as the initiator’s referral. With the newcomer RP opened, the user can download the Titan application, personalize an account and create a wallet address, later receive a gift pack with HYN and RP.

Case demonstration:

- A profitable helping hand

Let’s take a pragmatic view of the newcomer RP, it is easy and straightforward. Initiate an RP, input the amount, share on the media platforms and wait for the opening.

I am not doing this for nothing, I will become a referrer once the RP is legitimately opened, bringing me great potential. The immediate credit goes to, I am someone else’s referrer. Don’t you forget the benefit of being a referrer, I am one step closer to more Promotion Gives out!! Regardless I know this gentleman or not, if he promotes one day, I do too (in some way, cuz potentially I earn more RP).

Plus, it serves as an excellent incentive to lure your friends to play because you could share on many of the media platforms, copy the QR code or link and simply paste it on one of the chat group, as simple as retweet!!

Type 2: Location-based RP

Location-based RP makes use of the Titan users’ self-positioning information. Users can customize the airdrop radius and airdrop a considerable amount of RP or HYN by adopting the instant positioning data. Whoever located within the designated area gain access to the RP. Since each location-based RP has its unique deliverable radius, users could follow the updated information from the Titan home page’s rolling bar. Clicking the rolling bar tells whether the user’s current position is located within the scope.

Case demonstration:

The CNY is coming in no time, as a matured player, I thought it would be nice to do a round of online RP spreading to my dear community members. You know, in the past, we either top up RP on our own or receive RP through airdrop in most of the time. But the recent release function allows me to give out RPs with personalized messages and blessings. That sounds fun, isn’t it? Imagine someone you don’t know but also active in the HRC 30 community might receive a blessing from you! Maybe in return, you get a jackpot one day.

Another great feature is that such RP can be airdrop anytime, anywhere.

With a personalized message, like ‘come and get it now ‘, or ‘let me see who’s around me ‘, then airdrop the RP to somewhere nearby, somewhere crowded (an open market or even a McDonald). You’ll be able to run a little test and see how fast this RP goes. The more sharing you do, the more you learn about the community. How badly a user seeks one single RP, how much effort they like to spend.

Or, out of personal interest, drop somewhere beautiful and expected!! Imagine you travel somewhere distant, as far as crossing continents. Say if you set sail from Naples port, get on a ferry, cross over the Tyrrhenian Sea and finally arrive at Palermo. You can simply leave 2 RPs on the departure and arrival, customize a retrievable setting (around the port) and wait for the lucky ones. Don’t you think it’s gonna be awesome if there’s someone else following a similar footprint as you do?

Of course, don’t worry if the RP remains there forever (If you can’t bear with the waiting) You can kindly share a newcomer RP to someone you travelled with, make him a Titan user, shortly he becomes qualified and retrieve the location-based RP. In another way, I become a referrer and the RP goes zero- waste.

Open source of Geospatial data + Titan wallet — on-chain traffic entrance

The Atlas Mainnet based decentralized spatial consensus supports the On-chain development with 2B and 2C data service. The Map3 decentralized network otherwise backed the redefined LBS (Location-blockchain service). LBS first speaks for location-based service, but Hyperion holds a strong belief in a changing LBS paradigm, to a locational data-centric blockchain service in the near future. On top of the on-chain consensus and Map3 statistic, by adopting Hyperion Economic Model, any emerging services concerning positional data could generate and eventually form a decentralized commercial/business model. This is to significantly result in a service cost deduction, enhancement in service efficiency and user security.

Take RP as an example, merchants may airdrop on-chain adverts on one specific geographical location, RP users are later offered an on-chain rebate in the form of Airdrop. Such an approach seeks user attention and encourages proactive user engagement in decentralized services. The Map 3 service network otherwise adopts cryptography to encrypt the geospatial data. This can guarantee individual and corporate user’s information are safely stored.

Meanwhile, in light of the robust cryptography technology, both merchant and individual users could validate target customer positioning without accessing its precise location. They can still market products and benefit purposely. In combination with the geospatial data, the integrated RP is featured heavily on the transmissibility. The RP give-out is on a global scale, and we welcome all participants to join in. Of course, we are looking forward to seeing a growing number of Titan usage, users can therefore gain an immersive experience of the decentralized O2O applicational scenarios.

Hyperion is exploring the decentralized Map in its approach. Given the established HRC 30 ecosystems, several more RP kinds are launched, and all follow the same general principles and blockchain technology. It is already trialling three different types of RP across the community. The RPs, as mentioned earlier, are two other experimental demonstrations.



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