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Map3 2.0 Becomes the 1st Decentralized Service Network Supporting Https

Hyperion officially launched Map3 2.0 — the decentralized map service network that supports Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (Https). Map3 2.0 will activate massive edge nodes from decentralized map community to enable more efficient and secure map data service.

Upgrade of Map3 1.0

Map3 1.0 used HyperText Transfer Protocol (Http) and adopted strong cryptographic primitive to support map data encryption to protect the privacy of individual and business users from third party platforms. However, it fails to load map tiles using Https, which creates problems for map users. Although edge nodes can deal with map data requests through the nodes deployed by Hyperion, however individual nodes were not completely activated. The upgrade will solve this issue.

The rule of data transaction differs between Http and Http. Any data you enter into the site (such as your username/password, credit card or bank details, any other form submission data, etc.) using Http will be sent plaintext and therefore exposed to interception or potential alteration. Therefore, Http is not secure to communicate sensitive and private information.

Why Map3 2.0 values to map community

Https requires certificate from a trusted authority to ensure content trustiness and privacy, and keeps information encrypted in submission process. In other words, it protects privacy and is safe to use.

Map3 2.0 is upgraded to support Https, aiming to offer secure and complete Map3 resources, and stimulate data traffic through activated edge nodes. The widespread Map3 2.0 nodes will improve the efficiency and quality of global map service, and benefit map community in terms of user experience and node service rewards. The deployment of edge nodes remains the same, either via AWS (global users), Aliyun (Chinese users), or NAS (docker). Hyperion will arrange the current edge node users to upgrade to Map3 2.0 within the community. We welcome users to leave us a message or post your inquiries in Hyperion Forum.

In addition, edge nodes are able to provide data service without having to hold the certificate, mainly for security reasons. When encryption or certificate approval is required, edge nodes need to submit the request to upper nodes who hold the certificate. This is similar to bank service system. when a customer identity information needs approval at the counter, the customer service will submit the request to the branch manager who has the authority (certificate) to proceed the service. In other words, with activated edge nodes in the network, via HYN deposits in the network, node users will get more rewards with improved network service quality.

When business customers join the network, on the one hand, they adopt the highly effective network capability to create their own data source with personalized domain name and certificate to distribute their map data. On the other hand, they obtain much cheaper, efficient and secure map data service than Google and Baidu. 2B users will help complete the circulation of Hyperion ecology through HYN deposits. In addition, HYN circulation can avoid evil behaviors in the network, to ensure the high-quality of data service.

Hyperion Team dedicates to build up One Map solution for the World through decentralized technologies, and to provide a trusted and secure map data based on spatial consensus protocol based on its core value: aggressively open and decentralized. Everyone will be empowered to build map technology, share economic return and govern map communities when the decentralized world is built.



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