Peerion Leverages Blockchain Technology Making Real World Economic Solutions As Easy As A Game

Apr 18, 2019 · 2 min read

Peerion is a smart market ecosystem that helps people grow through social interaction, gameful design and education. The blockchain based protocol is set to bring a user friendly tokenized ecosystem to the non technical and the tech savvy to cooperatively operate on the same playing field.

Unlike most blockchain technology platforms, Peerion is developed to prove how suited anyone can be for entrepreneurship. The platform bridges the gap between new blockchain technology adopters and mainstream social media users through engaging interaction and meaningful experiences.

Life is a game and we are the players, whether it be business or personal. Every choice we make can and should be considered a strategic move to make a positive impact. The rules in the current operating system are in need of a restructure. Peerion will disrupt social media, ecommerce and nonprofit models through the use of their gameful framework. The peer to peer blockchain infrastructure gives users the opportunity to control the platform they utilize, while removing middlemen and the common pay to play business models.

Key Features:


The user dashboard will feel familiar and be easy to use.


Users can create their own public shops, business and listing tools, start nonprofits, startups and incubators, teach and learn through decentralized schooling and ultimately explore and expand their entrepreneurial skills.

Smart Ads and Surveys

No unwanted advertisements! Instead, consumers are rewarded through engaging with the ads and surveys of their choice, allowing them to purchase their desired item with the rewards that they have claimed.

Collaborative Job Creation Tools

Peerion Ambition Loop (PAL) allows individuals to find and create teams with specific strengths to fulfill rolls in order to complete any mission. Think of it as the ability to choose the best players for your team through an algorithm.

Anonymity / Identicons

Peers can choose to remain anonymous on the platform and select an avatar or Totem that they identify with.

Tokenized Education

Totem Dash is currently in beta. Hyper Token will be rewarded throughout the game and can be utilized to access cool features and custom tools. Here anyone can learn the concepts of tokenization and the new economy through an interactive game experience.

About Peerion

It is Peerion’s mission to allow the ordinary to become the extraordinary, by allowing them to play with purpose, solve real world problems and monetize their ambitions.

Peerion is a multifaceted platform that will cater to the needs of a variety of users, acting as a community driven space for people to connect, while incentivizing interactions that are beneficial to the commonwealth.

For detailed information on Peerion

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The Peerion Team can be reached on Telegram and Discord where you can join the community.


A Distributed Network For Automated Smart Markets


A Distributed Network For Automated Smart Markets


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A Distributed Network For Automated Smart Markets