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The Hyperboard — Phase 2


  1. Transactions
  2. Trend database
  3. NFT viewer
  4. Reminder bot

This article does not constitute investment advice. This article is subject to change but is not guaranteed to be up to date. Last updated May 4, 2022.

1. Transactions

You will be able to perform the most common and important transactions on the Hyperboard:

  • claim airdrops
  • claim rewards
  • delegate / undelegate
  • provide / withdraw liquidity
  • stake / unstake
  • swap
  • send

Transactions will be bundled and optimized to save valuable time. Our Hype buttons will enable you to claim all airdrops or claim all rewards with the possibility to recompound, restake, trade them or simply leave them in your wallet— or a configurable combination of these.

Our Fee Optimizer will indicate the currency with the cheapest transaction costs. We will display a warning if you try to claim airdrops/rewards whose value is lower than the fees due.

The Hyperboard will be the only tool you need to manage your Terra investments.

2. Trend Database

We will store the following wallet independent values in frequent intervals:

  • Token prices
  • APR%
  • APY%

If you wish and give your consent, we will also store:

  • Value of the assets for each protocol and total for the wallet
  • Estimated Daily Yield (EDY) for each protocol and total for the wallet

The Hyperboard will then shows the historical trends of all stored values. This will further improve your decision making and management of your Terra investments.

3. NFT Viewer

Our NFT Viewer will show all your NFTs grouped by collection. You can toggle between show or hide NFT properties.

4. Reminder Bot

We will provide you with a Telegram reminder bot that will cover events like

  • Airdrops claimable
  • Rewards claimable
  • Token price above / below certain value
  • APR/APY% above / below certain value
  • Estimated Daily Yield (EDY) below certain value
  • Total value of wallet assets above / below certain value
  • Unstaked LP tokens exceeding certain value
  • New protocol available on the Hyperboard
  • Open governance votes

Try the Hyperboard: terra.hyperionyield.app

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