Acropolis Capital is the new institutional investor of HyperQuant.

We are excited to announce that Acropolis Capital one of the biggest institutional investor and opinion leader in China has become our newest institutional investor!

Acropolis Capital investor portfolio consists of unique projects like:

  • Uranus — Uber and Airbnb of the computing power space.
  • ELF — decentralized cloud computing Blockchain platform.
  • SEELE — neural Consensus protocol developers that is able to form a unique heterogeneous forest multi-chain ecosystem.
  • LEMO — decentralized, open source platform for companies of all sizes to monetize and exchange their structured business data.
  • IOTEX — decentralized network for Internet of Things (IoT) powered by a privacy-centric blockchain.

Acropolis Capital added value in strategic, financial, industrial & business partners, to connect together entrepreneurs and to provide them opportunities to develop their business.

Acropolis Capital focuses on financing solutions, fundraising, buyout, VC, PE, M&A, JV. It is mostly involved in Technologies like Biotech, FinTech, Smart Cities, Energy, Oil & Gas, and Mining.

We are happy that Acropolis Capital sees the potential in HyperQuant.

Stay tuned for more news and partnerships!

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