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On the 4th of June, HyperQuant team was pleased to attend Binance Meetup Event which took place in sunny Moscow.

Diego Gonzalez, Binance Business Development Manager, started the meetup with an inspiring speech on the future plans of Binance. He noted that one of the core aims for the exchange development was to create a sophisticated ecosystem providing a wide range of services. A special attention was paid to the development of the ecosystem in terms of the environment changing at an incredibly fast pace and the most promising ideas in the crypto industry.

Binance ecosystem

During the event a variety of topical issues were covered by a large number of speakers, including Ted Lin, Chief Growth Officer. A lively discussion surrounded the use-cases of recently introduced BNB (Binance Coin), as well as the question of cryptocurrencies future, possible obstacles and the ways to overcome them.

BNB (Binance Coin) usecases

What is more, the meetup was a great opportunity for HyperQuant and Binance to discuss the future cooperation and further steps for development to provide the community with the long-awaited solutions and build a revolutionary ecosystem together, making the life of crypto enthusiasts easier and brighter.

Paul Rogov, Managing Director at HyperQuant and Ted Lin, Chief Growth Officer

We were delighted to participate in such a prominent event which brought together a wide range of true professionals and leaders of the crypto industry, making it possible to be involved into exciting discussions, establish contacts with the participants and start building a long-term collaboration with Binance exchange. We are looking forward to future mutual improvements and achievements.

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