Developer Diary #1. Trading bots: current progress and performance data for January

Hello everyone!

The past few weeks have been really intense! First, we’d like to tell you about the progress on our trading bots, the heart of our product. As you may know, we have many different bots running in the test environment. Currently 10 of them are fine-tuned enough to trade on Bitfinex trading platform and they were profitable according to the past trade results. Each week we are improving the bots and moving more of them from the test environment to the trading platforms. 20 bots will be available in the demo version of our mobile application, and we plan to significantly increase their number in the full version.

Another important task for us now is to expand the list of available trading platforms. At the moment we are improving the connection between our system and BitMEX, Bittrex and GDAX.

Many of you wanted to check out the performance of our bots. Here’s the data directly from Bitfinex: . As you can see, the accumulated profit for the past month is 48%! We’re constantly improving our algorithms and the results of our trading bots. Let us know in the comments if you’re interested in seeing this type of data on a weekly basis.

We are also currently working on our mobile application. As soon as the new design is completed, we will present it to you! The prototype of the application has been finished, and it greatly inspired us. So now more than ever — we believe that we can change the cryptocurrency trading market. We trust that our app can open the world of cryptocurrency trading to everyone, whether it’s a retiree from Singapore or a taxi driver from Canada.

We’ve got a lot of major news we’d like to tell you about. Our team is growing. Soon we’ll post info about our team and will share some pictures from our recent photoshoot!

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