Development report 21.02.2019 (Telegram Bot Beta Test)

Greetings community! It has been a while since our latest development report and today we are proud to share the current work progress and our roadmap for the foreseeable future. Updates are coming!

Telegram bot

The bot is ready and will be sent all users who applied to join the beta test (check your email). If you are not registered yet — please fill in this simple form.

Basically, it is your personal assistant for digital asset portfolio management.

Some asset management please?

So, your opportunities with the telegram bot:

  • Create your own crypto portfolio and check its performance in real time (tokens listed on Binance). You can rebalance it daily.
  • Who does mind some competitive spirit? ;) Compete and push yourself, comparing your cryptocurrency portfolio with the ones of other investors and crypto enthusiasts.
  • No limit to perfection! Review top-performing portfolios that delivered the best returns based on Binance market data. Try to be the best one!
  • Be aware of what’s up in the market: Explore the statistics during different periods of time — what coins & tokens are mostly held by crypto traders.
  • Be absolutely aware! Monitor market conditions with the help of index fund returns and BTC benchmark.
  • Why not some help? You will have access to crypto trading signals for the major coins (BTC, ETH, LTC, NEO). If you would like to become a signals provider, please join our Telegram Support Group.

Feel free to test it! Your feedback matters.

Market Data Server (MDS)

No doubt you all are already familiar with MDS. For those who are surprisingly not there is HyperQuant Development Update — Market Data Server with a detailed description of the system architecture.

Alpha version interface

We are happy to announce that MDS was recently successfully updated with:

  1. Amazon queque removal: It means direct access of the history server to the dispatcher = more efficiency and security.
  2. Improved transactions speed: Now data is fetched by parts, not overloading WebSocket.
  3. Major bug fixes: We conducted complex testing and revealed possible bugs in the system and fixed them. Keep in mind that the system (as well as the whole terminal) is tested constantly, and all the bugs identified are vanished on ongoing basis.

Great news! The system is tested and ready to be built into the pro-trading terminal* and work with Binance, Bitfinex, BitMex exchanges, aggregating history data for backtesting any kinds of strategies, algorithms, bots and for many other purposes; hedging risks by creating an advanced proactive portfolio risk management system, delivering the most accurate exchange rates, and simply please you by user-friendly interface.

P.S. We already outlined the key architecture features of the pro-trading terminal, established the statement of work with all the details. Ready to act (actually, we act).

Real time market data server

After careful MDS testing we moved on to real time MDS, and this is what you supposedly haven’t heard about!

To describe this complex part of architecture in simple words, it is a unified interface which aims at help us to get specific data quickly from the exchanges and convert it to the right format. It replaces the separate intermediaries for each exchange, being a universal one.

In terms of saving time and resources, MDS Online is the most optimal solution. Now due to it, we have more time on developing our products.

Do not hesitate to ask any question in our social media!

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