HyperQuant at Token2049

HyperQuant Managing Director Paul Rogov with the mascot of Token2049

HyperQuant team visited Token2049 conference and Hong Kong city. It was an incredible event ideal for networking with the blockchain community professionals and the opinion leaders. We made a lot of promising connections with the cryptocurrency exchanges. These are very interested in B2B-solutions of HyperQuant platform like proprietary market making algorithms and high trade volume that the trading bots will provide.

Magnificent view on Hong Kong city from Kerry Hotel

The team presented our project to numerous institutional investors, family offices and hedge-funds. As we develop specialized professional software for crypto asset management — these organizations were willing to learn more and now they eagerly await the beta.

The team talked to many successful crypto traders as they represent the main users of HyperQuant platform. We all shared the same obstacles when dealing with the API of the exchanges, the high trading spread and incidentally declined market orders. All of these traders paid a lot of attention to our platform and they are keen on starting to use the HyperQuant quantitative framework and starting tobuild trading bots. Bot creation on top of the platform solves a huge amount of technical issues, while greatly simplifying and accelerating the automated trading software development process.

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