HyperQuant Development Update

It has been a while since our latest development report and today we are proud to publish a new one. You will get a better understanding on what products does the team develop right now and what is the utility of HQT token.

Virtual Order Placement System (VOPS) for major trading platforms

We mentioned this helpful software several times in our previous reports. The great news is that right now it is under final tests before we release it for public access.

Just to remind you VOPS system allows exchange users to create an array of trade scenarios and constantly mitigates risk on open positions and also manages auto-stops.

Estimated alpha: middle of November.

Intelligent Telegram bot

The bot will assist you during your cryptocurrency operations and investment efforts. To use it you will need to link it with your account on https://hyperquant.net/ and fill up the survey to define your risk profile and preferences.

You will be able to create your cryptocurrency portfolio, check its performance and what is the most fascinating compare yourself with portfolios of other blockchain enthusiasts. Find out what coins and tokens do other people in this industry hold. Finally, it will deliver certain signals that we use ourselves to manage the funds. To use all the bot features a certain amount of HQT tokens on your wallets is required. The exact numbers will be announced in the future releases.

Estimated alpha: end of November.

Market Data Vendor

Having explicit real-time market data and quotes from the exchange where you trade is the cornerstone of any successful trading infrastructure, while historical data is absolutely essential to back-testing any strategy in the field of algorithmic trading.

Striving to be the leader in the quant-trading society HyperQuant creates its own solution for market data vendor. Our researchers conduct experiments to find the best database suitable for handling a tremendous amount of data collected from the major cryptocurrency trading platforms and make it available via unified easy-to-use protocol and API for all the trading bot developers and professional quant traders.

Estimated limited-access alpha: end of December.

Robo-advising App

Probably one of the most long-awaited products of HyperQuant platform is our robo-advising solution. These days we actively develop the most complicated back-end of this application that will process all the information and signals and perform elaborated decisions to support users.

Our app will inherit the certain functionality of the telegram bot, while obviously making the human-machine interface much easier and effective to use.

Estimated alpha: second half of December.

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