Introducing HyperQuant Framework

Oct 25 · 3 min read

Greetings everyone! Today, we introduce to you HyperQuant Framework.

Through the use of modular and extensible HQ Framework, it is possible to aggregate private and public data, that can be used for developing and deploying automated trading strategies, be it a simple fixed portfolio strategy, or a quantitative machine learning-based trading strategy.

Our framework provides you with powerful tools and the base for building trading strategies with settings functionality based on the framework.

Framework major features:

The framework acts as a unified flexible trading engine that provides the users with an opportunity to:

1. Work with the huge amounts of data swiftly

Use the framework to get the public and private data you need in a matter of seconds to conduct an in-depth market analysis.

2. Develop trading strategies and bots effectively

We make a difference

With HyperQuant Framework anyone can build an automated trading strategy that will meet personal needs, investment objectives, experience and risk tolerance. The user gets a full access to the trading bots development tools.

We provide the guidelines

We’ve done everything for you! The framework includes the necessary steps, documentation and iterations for successful automated trading software development and launch. It works as an extended base with the guidelines and examples for your help.

We unify the experience

The framework possesses a unified easy-to-use object structure for the data that makes it possible to work with a broad variety of data from different exchanges in a unified format. Therefore, the same strategy is applicable at several exchanges and the comparison of the strategy results for different instruments is easy and convenient.

3. Handling errors and exceptions easily

The framework outputs errors while interacting with exchange API. This option notably saves your development time.

Currently supported exchanges:

Binance, BitMex

We will be implementing the support of new exchanges in the future. Currently, we are already working with other well-established exchanges.

Write down in comments your preferences on the exchanges to be connected next!

Drop in the HyperQuant Framework and build the most cutting edge automated trading strategy!

We are open to сollaboration with the developers using the framework and are pleased to provide them with the necessary guidelines & support.

Stay tuned for more announcements!

Do not hesitate to ask any questions on our social media!
The following are links to know more and be updated about HyperQuant:


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