Aug 21 · 1 min read

Hello everyone!

Today, we introduce to you Market Data Vendor (MDV), a new project built upon HyperQuant infrastructure. It is a fast and reliable provider for institutional-grade cryptocurrency market data.

MDV includes its own Structured Query Language (SQL), exchange connectors and technologies for Big Data storing and processing. It works with both small and huge queries, being able to process tens of gigabytes of data per single server per second! At the same time it manages to deliver high quality data without introducing any substantial latency.

Market data is absolutely necessary for developing and back-testing trading bots and automated strategies, creating custom market indicators and much more.

Create an account right now and download the data for free! Binance and BitMEX candle (OHLCV) and tick data are available. Drop in and discover the opportunities it provides you with!

Thanks to all of you for your support.
Stay tuned for more announcements!

P.S Stay updated with MDV social media:

Telegram: https://t.me/marketdatavendor_news
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MDV_news
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marketdatavendor/
Official website: https://www.marketdatavendor.com/


Automatic Trading Revolution: https://hyperquant.net/


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Automatic Trading Revolution https://hyperquant.net/


Automatic Trading Revolution: https://hyperquant.net/

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