New Year development report (29.12)

Hello everyone! Congrats with upcoming New 2019 Year, hopefully bullish, and here you are — our regular weekly development report.

So, how to describe the year passed? Definitely, busy, with lots of improvements and progress, new opportunities and prospects. We achieved the aims planned and all these is due to your help and support. Appreciate our great community so much! Without you, guys, we would not have gone so far.

That’s what we have for today after a week of hard work.

Liquidity services software

The software, created to provide high liquidity of the assets, so appealing to large investors, ensuring the demand from both sides of the market (basically, buyers & sellers), is being constantly developed and tested.

Why is it needed? The answer is simple.

It should be mentioned that nowadays the liquidity index is truly valuable.

What do we do to maintain and improve this index?

For faithful market competition ensuring we create ideal order books to enable traders to trade at certain prices level:

1. Making low-liquid assets act like high-liquid ones with the help of exclusive market-making algorithms developed by experienced professionals;

2. Enabling traders to enter and exit positions at competitive prices 24/7 by providing demand from buyers and sellers sides.

P.S. New updates are coming.

Risk management cloud service

The volatile and so unpredictable market incessantly calls for professional risk management system, and in the same incessant way our team advances risk management service, which includes a variety of functions — namely*:

1. Daily Loss Limit

2. Daily profit limit

3. Losses in a row limit

4. Deposit cap limit

5. Currency pairs limitation

6. Restriction of trade by a time interval

*You can find more info on these functions in the previous Development Report (14.12). The list does not contain all the functions.

Bearing in mind that all the core functions of this service are to be flexible and consider changing market conditions, we conducted a wide range of tests, which modeled different conditions and revealed possible errors, mistakes and bugs, projecting potential scenarios. Then, basing on the results, we performed the corrections needed. This complex system aims at maximization of the system reliability and will enable not to waste time in the future on fixing bugs.

Order book update

Currently, the team is working on developing a complex system which implies that the exchange users have their accounts where they are able to monitor balances on all the exchanges they currently trade limit orders, trade manually, trade with market orders, even set orders out of sight order book.

In comparison to traditional process, when the user should manually enters price, volume, “buy” and “sell”, the new system gives an opportunity to choose the order desired in a real-time directly from the order book indicated in the account.

The first order book is developed for Bittrex exchange — undoubtedly, with plans for expansion on more exchanges.

“HQ Trades”

History storage software based on Merkle tree, which serves to prove fairness of each algorithm history transactions.

And we have a great update on it — the beginning of 2019 will bring you a demo version of the system!

The design of trade history storage software

Supposedly, each user will have a link for the transactions which are saved daily and can be monitored at the end of the day. The trade history storage software is planned to be integrated into account and synchronized with bots / algorithms to ensure the users have maximum transparency considering their transactions and profits.

Intelligent Telegram bot

Would like to build your own portfolio? Welcome to intelligent telegram bot. Together with this function, you’ll be able to monitor its profitability, making necessary corrections, receiving useful news and the info which may become meaningful in your asset management process.

Attention please! — Closed beta test for telegram bot will be available on Tuesday, we will send everyone a link with a registration form.

Virtual Order Placement System — VOPS

We bet you are aware of the VOPS functionality — therefore, just to remind you, the system is created so as to enable exchange users to operate in different trading scenarios and hedge risks on open positions.

This week we have been dealing with VOPS beta-testing, one of the major part of which was working with your feedback on the product.

Please keep in mind that all the products & services mentioned are to be integral parts (modules) of pro-trading terminal, which is supposed to be released for both institutional investors and individual market players with an array of functions to be integrated, depending on your choice.

That will be our endpoint, but note that we abide by the principle of “There is no limit to perfection” — therefore, we appreciate and encourage your participation in our test, with feedback sharing.

HQ team wishes you all the best in the upcoming year! 
Watch your dreams coming true, see the results of your efforts! 
Let’s make 2019 a breakthrough together! 
Be happy :)

Do not hesitate to ask any question in our social media!

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