Token Distribution Event

After the token sale, we have announced the outlines of how and when the Token Distribution Event (TDE) will take place in our “HQT Token Exchange Listing Announcement”.

We have stated that our first listing will occur right after big exchange listing. And, as we promised time is upon us, we are here to inform our valued community members of the details regarding TDE.

Token Distribution Event (TDE)

The HyperQuant team are excited to announce that the TDE (Token distribution event) will take place starting from November 20, 2018.

All distribution progress will be publicly visible on the smart contract

HQT Token Allocation

During the course of the distribution process, tokens will be sent partly divided by stages.

Stage 1 (20/11/2018 — 16/12/2018)

  • 1st week (20/11/2018) — 2 million HQT tokens;
  • 2nd week (until 02/12/2018) — 2.5 million HQT tokens;
  • 3rd week (until 09/12/2018) — 2.5 million HQT tokens;
  • 4th week (until 16/12/2018) —2.5 million HQT tokens;

Stage 2 (23/12/2018–13/01/2019)

  • 5th week (until 23/12/2018) — 4 million HQT tokens;
  • 6th week (until 30/12/2018) — 4 million HQT tokens;
  • 7th week (until 06/01/2019) — 4 million HQT tokens;
  • 8th week (until 13/01/2019) — 5 million HQT tokens;

Stage 3 (20/01/2019–03/02/2019)

  • 9th week (until 20/01/2019) — 5 million HQT tokens;
  • 10th week (until 27/01/2019) — 5 million HQT tokens;
  • 11th week (until 03/02/2019) — 5 million HQT tokens.
  • 12th week (until 10/02/2019) — 6 million HQT tokens.

Stage 4 Tokens for institutional investors, bonus tokens and bounty rewards (Right after the 3rd round)

We will distribute all bonus tokens according to the Token sale details. Moreover, during this stage, we will distribute Bounty rewards, principal and bonus tokens for institutional investors. These rules may be updated in the future.

In the event of a significant improvement of the market (for example, the return of Bitcoin to the historical highs of 2017 in the $ 20,000 region), the TDE rate can be accelerated (bonuses are not effected).


  1. When do we get our fist tokens?
    - The first token allocation starts on November 20, 2018.
  2. How much do the participants receive on each stage?
    - We will distribute tokens proportionally, it depends on the size of the personal contribution.
  3. When is the actual day of the week TDE scheduled?
    - Once per week (is not supposed to be announced in advance).
  4. How are you going to distribute the tokens?
    - We will use an advanced smart contract with a list of participants’ wallets.
  5. When do we get bonus tokens?
    - Right after stage 3 of TDE, but not earlier than 3 months (it was a principal part of the initial transaction).
  6. Can you change the conditions and distribution logic?
    -In the event of a significant improvement of the market (for example, the return of Bitcoin to the historical high of 2017 in the $ 20,000 region), the TDE rate can be accelerated (bonuses are not effected).

As we mentioned in the previous posts the tokens will be distributed gradually. This approach was recommended by project advisors, representatives from cryptocurrency exchanges listing committees and received positive feedback from our community. We don’t release all the tokens immediately because of the dramatic results it may cause during unstable bearish market, however, the distribution speed may be accelerated if there is a strong long-term bullish trend.

Don’t forget to “Add custom token” in Your wallet.

Fill in the required fields as follows:

Token contract address: 0x3e1d5a855ad9d948373ae68e4fe1f094612b1322

Token symbols: HQT

Decimals: 18

Click “Save” button. All done! Now your HyperQuant tokens will appear in your wallet immediately after you receive them.

If you have any questions regarding TDE, feel free to contact our team in Telegram: (English channel).

Do not hesitate to ask any question in our social media!

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