Token Distribution Update

To our valued HQT holders!

We heard all your questions and concerns considering token distribution(TDE):

  • What stood out is the distribution of the tokens?
  • When will they be received?
  • Is there an exact time frame for this?

We conducted a poll in December 2018 to get your feedback — most of token holder asked for speeding the distribution process.

Your opinion does matter! That is why we got an update for you.

The remaining principle part of tokens without bonus will be distributed in two batches:

1) 07/01/2019–13/01/2019

2) 21/01/2019–28/01/2019

Stay tuned for new updates!

Thank you all for your support and confidence, we’ve come a long way together and it’s just the beginning of the journey!

Truly yours,
HyperQuant Team

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