Better Presentations: Lessons from Tennis Strings

Game, Set and Match

History of Tennis Strings

In 1875 Pierre Babolat, who lived in Lyon, France and was manufacturing natural gut strings for musical instruments, developed the first set of natural gut tennis strings. Babolat, a family run firm, continues to manufacture tennis strings from the same premises today. Talk about pivoting your product!

Fast forward 100 years and by the 1970’s, synthetic strings replaced natural gut and global manufacturers (including Babolat) experimented with various combinations of synthetics and technology to produce different levels of comfort, power, durability, spin and speed.

The tennis strings industry shares one ambition: to hit the tennis ball. Success requires adding value on how the tennis ball is struck.

How About Presentations?

When we first developed Hypersay we viewed the PowerPoint presentation as a tennis ball: bright yellow, round, fuzzy, always equal and impossible to change. We took inspiration from the tennis string manufacturers and developed technology that allowed the presenter to make the PowerPoint presentation (i.e. tennis ball) more engaging, interactive, easy to access & distribute, immediately adaptable and, well, fun.

Six months after we launched Hypersay we realized we had actually become tennis string manufacturers because Teachers, Marketing Professionals, Corporate Trainers and Key Note Speakers were using Hypersay in ways we had not imagined. Marketing Professionals were using it to capture client data by sharing their presentations with clients. Corporate Trainers were reducing their slide count by converting bullet points into open-ended questions and Teachers were providing platforms for the ‘quiet/shy students’ to have an equal voice with our question wall.

As we commence 2018, we look forward to adding new Hypersay functionality that allows individual presenters to achieve higher levels of comfort, power, durability, spin and speed to win over their audiences.

Game, set, match.

Happy 2018.