Hypersay Release Notes

Cristian Dinu
· 3 min read

0.17.2, December 13, 2018

— Add new bootcamp video in homepage

0.17.1, December 11, 2018

— Fix issue when adding an atom to a live session
— Fix uncorrect text in translation
— Fix full screen button

0.17.0, December 10, 2018

— Export answer as CSV
— Presenter can delete questions (👑 premium feature)
— Presenter can disable question wall (👑 premium feature)
— Presenter can freeze answers (👑 premium feature)
— Presenter can disable feedback form (👑 premium feature)
— Presenter can allow video playback during presentations (👑 premium feature)

— Improvement: less load impact on welcome page
— Fix: follow-up is hidden when session is not PRO
— Improvement: user can send their notes by email in the view page
— Fix: resolved issue when converting session with two tabs opened
— Fix: signin modal is not shown anymore in the session error page
— Fix: the view doesn’t scroll anymore during payments

0.16.5, November 29, 2018

— Fix: Hide follow-up button for non-pro sessions to participants

0.16.4, November 23, 2018

— Fix: answer are not selected unintentionally anymore
— Updated translations

0.16.3, November 21, 2018

— Do not show participant list to other participants

0.16.0, November 13, 2018

— Support new external player
— Fix problem with missing arrows

0.15.2, November 01, 2018

— Fix an error for user without name or last name set
— Add missing image
— Fix GDPR and Profile modals
— Price change

0.15.1, October, 23 2018

— Fixed pricing page details

0.15.0, October, 23 2018

— Subscriptions are now supported
— New pricing page
— Fix session goes offline after going online
— Better notify the presenter if the session is not live

0.14.2, October, 04 2018

—Fix: atoms answer is not selected if it has the same name of another
— Fix: Crisp doesn’t appear anymore on the live page

0.14.1 August, 21 2018

— Deleting a session or a page always show a warning

0.14.0, August 17, 2018

— Brand new Analytics page 📉📊
— New Session View page style spark✨🎇
— Reviewed style for conversation and prepare page

0.13.5, July 19th 2018

— Add footer on data protection page
— Live session doesn’t crash anymore when an interactivity is added
— Properly leave session when the browser is closed
— Translations work on data-protection page
— Normalize pixel ratio when asking for proxied images
— Do not use fuzzy translations
— New translations added
— Last session is now visible on first dashboard load
— Leave the session if the user loose connectivity
— Slides are correctly shown when imported from google

0.11.3, April 27th 2018 — bugfix 🐞 edition

  • Fix smooth scrolling for iOS (less is more) 😜
  • Fix untranslated string during upload
  • Fix a bug which prevent showing all sessions in dashboard
  • Fix an error when trying to add a page to a session
  • Fix an error when uploading a new presentation
  • Fix missing user connection status on some edge cases
  • Fix an error which let atom disappear after user login on a live session

0.11.2, April 24th 2018, late afternoon

  • Hypersay is now available in Spanish! 🇪🇸
  • Refresh manifest (good for sharing, caring)
  • Fix: participants cannot trick presenters into seeing next slides
  • Fix: notes can be exported, on mobile, only if there are any! 🤓
  • Fix: unidentified browsers are allowed to pass (including googlebot)

0.11.1, April 20th 2018, afternoon 🥐☕️

  • Hypersay is available in French! 🇫🇷

0.11.0, April 20th 2018

  • Shiny new homepage ✨
  • Get JPEG images through image proxy (faster loading! and big data savings on your data plan!! 💰)
  • Get images near to you thanks our new shiny CDN (faster, fatser loading)⚡️
  • Adapt images for retina displays 🍎
  • Use pseudo-pagination on dashboard (display “Load all” when there are more than 12 sessions)
  • Encourage participants to sign in (display a banner) 🤸
  • Presenter can disallow anonymous questions 🎭
  • Solve bug about notes on feedback page 🐞
  • Lot of little bug fixes on frontend 🐜
  • Not, really, lot of bug fixing 🐜
  • More reliable presentation conversion machines 🏭


The official Hypersay blog.

Cristian Dinu

Written by

Co-Founder and CTO at https://hypersay.com



The official Hypersay blog.

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