WEB3 Fair Launch with Fyre

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3 min readJun 7, 2022


Fair, bot-free and real

All blockchain projects go through a predefined path to build solutions for DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse. First, the project constructs an MVP and then raises investment to bring its products to market. This can be done through ICO/IDO. However, the misery is being played by the launchpads or their front-running bots.

Most launchpads care about a Full order book and don’t necessarily care about the hard work put in by founders to build out their projects. They get their front-running bots to fill out the orders and then dump them as soon as the project lists on a DEX.

This is the reason why we built Fyre. Fyre is a growth-hack tool designed to reach out to retail investors and to build a real community in a way that no bots or malicious users/launchpads can destroy the value of the token in the market, and the number of token holders is real with no bots being able to monopolize your event.

What, how, and why?

Fyre is a community-building tool that enables businesses to create community events, KYC, Whitelisting forms, and Fair launches in a few clicks!

Currently, Fyre has 100,000 MAU (monthly active users). Based on personal and social verification, the tool enables businesses to create a cult-level following through explosive real-time promotions using social media blasts, sweepstakes, contests, referral programs, and more. The platform is built on Public Key Encryption and is Web3 Compliant. Fyre is a product of Hypermine Labs

Build: Fyre gives you a platform to Fair Launch your token the way you see fit; there are no hidden terms. Check out how the recently launched WEB3 Project AdLunam used Fyre to whitelist users for its presale event. Case: AdLunam whitelist. Similarly, Fyre is equipped to handle your ICO/IDO whitelisting and distribution.

Comply: Fyre, allows projects to perform KYC directly within the campaign., In the past, projects would have split the campaign into two parts where users first need to fill a form and then perform KYC on another platform. On Fyre, you get automated and manual check options. Thanks to Fyre, it’s all so easy, simple, and unified at no extra cost.

Secure: Fyre, in association with QuillAudits enables projects to audit their token smart contract before launching on the DEX. However, there is an additional cost for the audit as Smart contracts can be complex.

Grow: Powered by Spherium Finance, at no extra cost, you can now launch your token directly on multiple chains allowing for more investors to access your tokens and increasing trading volume and reach for your token immediately at launch. We believe in supporting and guiding projects on a long-term basis with the resources available to us; Fyre supports listing on DEXs like Uniswap, QuickSwap, and Spherium post the Fair launch event.

Fyre, let’s you design your Fair launch event with all the customization you need, from building the whitelist form, and KYC to promoting the event. We not only ensure your IDO/ICO is fair but also expose your event to our users and audience and help you promote it with various social media influencers free of cost!

We at Fyre are waiting for you to discuss your launch event with one of our experts, irrespective of us doing business or not. We would like to share our experiences and learnings with you. Come talk to us.

Book a call today, and let’s plan a more real and bot free public sale event: http://www.calendly.com/hypersign

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