HSN Buyback Round V Is Here

3 Million HSN Tokens To Be Bought Back

Hyper Speed Network
Sep 4 · 1 min read

Dear HSN supporters around the world,

Buyback Round V is coming! HSN team has released and completed four rounds of buyback as follow:

The Round I:1 million HSNs

The Round II:1.5 million HSNs

The Round III:2 million HSNs

The Round IV: 2.5 million HSNs

At present, a total of 7 million HSNs have been repurchased. We highly appreciate our users recognition for the value of HSN Hyper Speed Network and will continue to develop both our community base and ecosystem.

Now, HSN Hyper Speed Network has made an official announcement that, the Round V of Buyback Plan will start with details as below:

Beginning date: September 4, 2019

Platform: DragonEX (dragonex.io)

Quantity: Repurchase 3 million HSNs

Repurchase and Permanent Lock-up Address: 0x547994e6f7825fFb1298C4bd5cbd2CD0E4F1D547

Thank you very much for the support for HSN Hyper Speed Network Project!

HSN Hyper Speed Network

September 4, 2019


Hyper Speed Network, professional 5G+Blockchain solution supplier.

Hyper Speed Network

Written by

professional 5G+blockchain solution supplier


Hyper Speed Network, professional 5G+Blockchain solution supplier.

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