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Recently, TokenSky Meet-up City Tour — co-hosted by HSN — launched the global tour in Shenzhen.

Recently, TokenSky Meet-up City Tour — co-hosted by HSN — launched the global tour in Shenzhen.

During the meet-up, Co-founder of HSN Peter Jia had the opportunity to introduce HSN. Peter Jiaco-founder of HSN stated that 5G is the infrastructure of the future network while blockchain is a new framework for business development, therefore the close integration of 5G technology with blockchain will bring new opportunities of trillion dollar-level market.

As the world’s first 5G + public-chain application ecosystem, HSN is formed by a group of individuals that are dedicated to fields on IoT, and blockchain and, 5G communication technology. The team members come from all over the world and are committed to apply blockchain technology to the development of the 5G era.

After the meetup, the media made an exclusive interview with Peter Jia.

1. What are the scenarios used applicable to the HSN main net ? As the world’s first 5G public chain application ecosystem, what are the pain points in the industry?

After the main net launches, HSN will be widely used in cloud VR/AR, smart security, car networking, smart city, smart manufacturing, drone, SDWAN+NAS, Mesh products, edge computing modules and other applications related toin 5G environment.

As a new generation of communication technology, 5G has the characteristics of high throughput, low latency, high concurrency and low power consumption, which will supportgenerate AI, Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, etc. However, with the networking requirements of mass devices, data communication security issues and massive data storage issues will become more and more prominent. As the world’s first 5G public chain application ecosystem, HSN proposes a systematic solution to these pain points.

2. What progress has HSN made since it started? any investment? Does HSN have its own R&D department, and which organizations has itve cooperated with it?

On June 20th, HSN started launched onon the MXC Exchange, and then went online on several exchanges such as DRAGONEX. It was also included in the well-known digital currency market big data analysis platform CoinGecko, and invested by Bianhua Capital, Dragon Network DdragonEX and Chainup Technology.

In addition, HSN has its own R&D departmentorganization located in Shenzhen — NineCJiu Chain Technology and Tianbei IoOT, which established strategic cooperation with well-known technology companies such as Lenovo, to provide Lenovo with intelligent storage devices and 5G routers; as well as Shanghai listed company Quectel Wireless Communication, providing 5G terminal application products and integrated matching solutions with Shenzhen listed company Megsmart Intelligence to jointly improve mobile broadband (eMBB) and large-scale machine-like communication. (mMTC) and low latency high reliability communications (uRLLC).

3. Huawei has always been the pioneer in 5G. How does HSN position itself in the future? Can you talk about the future planning for HSN?

Huawei is indeed far ahead in 5G, and has developed its own style in the international arena. As the basic public chain for the 5G digital economy era, HSN aims to realize the complex application scenario business chain by using blockchain technology., We and contribute to the industrial development. The network security and trust mechanism of the lower terminal uplink realizes the high-throughput, low-latency, high-concurrency, low-power value ecosystem network, which can support the multi-source information exchange of big data uplink in the digital age in the future, and diversified Asset registration, exchange, interaction and flow, realizing the interconnection of all things, building a data world on the chain, and promoting a new economy in which information is profitable.

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Hyper Speed Network, professional 5G+Blockchain solution supplier.

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professional 5G+blockchain solution supplier


Hyper Speed Network, professional 5G+Blockchain solution supplier.

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