How to Provide Sufficient Data Security in V2X Communications

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3 min readApr 10, 2019

The international automotive market is moving towards a great rise in the adoption of connected vehicles, enabled by V2X communications (vehicle to everything). By 2025, it is expected there will be over 470 million autonomous cars on the roads in the USA, China and Europe, according to PwC.

HyperSphere helps automotive companies to provide security and privacy in the autonomous cars and connected infrastructure

While there are a great number of benefits for V2X, the main challenge for its fast development is the need for a robust legal framework for a secure system that ensures privacy, authenticity, and security. Data protection in the autonomous cars’ communication is a widespread concern so far. So, what automakers need to do to provide security to facilitate the adoption of the connected vehicles.

Actions Needed: Protect Data Transfer on the High Speed

Security of the V2X communications should not be compromised because V2X data contains life-critical details. Lack of proper privacy and security may lead to disastrous consequences. DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications) standard support automotive safety applications that require the fast transfer of data between vehicles, infrastructure or other platforms. Despite DSRC is a wireless type of communications, similar to WiFi, which enables a rapid communication between vehicles, it still can not fully provide secure data exchange between vehicles on a high speed. For instance, it is possible for hackers to deliberately conduct DoS attacks on the V2V (vehicle to vehicle communications) and V2I (vehicle to infrastructure) communication networks, preventing or delaying cars from transmitting correct information. Any possibility for the interference from unlicensed devices or hackers, which may endanger crash is unacceptable.

Technologies Needed: Cybersecurity Solutions

Connected vehicles are very vulnerable to cyberattacks connected to unsecured software updates or unauthorized data access. The consequences can be disastrous if a cyber criminal will break into a car or an infrastructure system in order to change a car’s data or deliberately cause a car crash. In order to ensure successful communications, there should be solid cybersecurity solutions, which safeguard cars and road infrastructure.

HyperSphere’s Technologies: SDNP Protocol, DyDAG Blockchain

HyperSphere’s patented communication protocol with military-grade hyper-security — SDNP (Secure Dynamic Network & Protocol) together with HyperSphere’s blockchain architecture, help keep all data fully private and secure, while connected vehicles communicate, creating fast, secure and private data exchange.

At the same time, HyperSphere’s blockchain allows to build a “black box”, exactly like the recording device in an airplanes, specially for the automotive applications. Black box records vehicle’s communications and may reveal last few minutes of the user data may be disclosed with the purpose of the proper investigation in case of any unlawful action or car accident happen. It is important that only the system (not the parties involved) can control the black box.

As a result, car collisions and unauthorised access to vehicle or other potential undesired consequences on the road are easy to prevent with HyperSphere’s solution.

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