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Well before the iPhone launched in 2007, I’ve been obsessed with the mobile experience. From what was a curiosity that the Nokias and Motrollas gave to us back in the day, to the excitement that builds with wearables today, we are almost 8 years from the original revolution. But far from being over, I think this is just beginning.

Experience is Everything

The experience created by Apple and now led with Google to access and create information from something that feels nothing less than magical has pretty much transcended everything that we’ve ever known about technology. From astronomical profits to delightful social experiences to wondrous connections with far, far away people, the mobile experience has just begun.

However, we see it everywhere, the terrible experiences that could be made better with a deft understanding of what mobile technologies can do and what it cannot do. And this is the long winded explanation of what Hyperstop has done and what it hopes to conquer into the future.

There are no lack of great ideas, technologies and revenue for what the future needs but the people and the conviction to make such ideas possible. We all have opinions on mobile payments, VR, AI, optical wearables, Apple Watch, cord-cutting television and etc. but it’s crucial to understand the entrenched beliefs and world views of the consumers, firms and industry that are a part of our digital civilization. Without perspective, the broad smart kind based on having a diversity of experiences, how can anyone help connect the dots without leaping onto the next hot fad?

I’ve learned quite a bit in my past decade in advertising, ad-agencies and startups with successes, mistakes and disappointments but overwhelmingly my experiences have hardened my soul to apathy and built a dissatisfaction to the status quo. Overwhelmingly, my singular obsession above all others is to believe in real and human experiences that delight and excite. As a mantra, three quotes come to mind over all others and I’ve made it into a tiny, tiny film:

As an entity, Hyperstop has been around since 2013 taking small projects and making cool little things like mobile strategies, mobile apps and responsive sites but this is a bigger pivot into making mobile technologies that improve mobile experiences at scale. During the past few months, it’s become bigger than just what I’ve wanted to do as we commission artists, work with brilliant designers, develop in mobile first content management systems, shoot interviews and tinker with the internet of things.

Our team has been incredibly shrewd at consistently making some of the best insights and decisions into what we thought might work in mobile and avoiding the hyped bullshit that would inevitably fail. This is the conviction (and probably hubris) that keeps us going, because great experiences weren’t created by other people, they’ve always been made by people like us.

We’re sharp, have endless ideas and always create revenue. Get to know us and let’s chat. We’re hiring too.

Founder — Managing Partner of Hyperstop

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