Digital Strategy to Drive Growth in 2017

Each year for the past several years, my team and I migrate to Boston to a marketing conference. It’s a coming together of the super star marketers, celebrities, and thought leaders of the day. It’s a whirl-wind of sessions, dialogue and fresh perspectives. And it is jam packed with valuable information, insight and learnings. We learn from others successes and failures.

At these events I am always looking for the insights that can help my clients succeed and guide our agency growth. The same insights that guide our business are the ones that will drive yours too.

So what are the most important trends in 2017?

1. Targeted Messaging & Simplified content

With so much content being produced, it’s critical that your content be purposeful. You need to understand your buyer personas and target that content directly to them. Your messages need to be simple, direct and aligned with your target.

2. Increased engagement and interactivity

Equally, the kind of content you produce and how you format it is critical. Content marketing has exploded as a marketing tactic. It’s no longer good enough to produce blogs. You need to make it interactive and engaging. I’m talking social media posts that move, infographics that explain complex ideas visually, podcasts that accommodate your buyers’ busy schedules, attention grabbing videos and webinars all represent more engaging content delivery.

Repurpose Your Content

3. Repurposing of Content

You need to be repurposing your content. The blog posts you wrote a year ago — are probably still relevant — tweak them for today, convert them into new formats (infographics / podcasts). Write new blog posts. Combining several of them into an e-book. Record those blog posts for use in podcasts. Generate engaging videos, animations and infographics, and then roll these assets into webinars. Assets can be strategically repurposed. Work smarter, not harder.

4. Social Influence / Outreach

This content is a living example of social influence / outreach (regardless of if you are consuming it in an ebook, podcast or webinar). When we decided to author it, we strategically invited the authors to participate. We planned for the multi-format presentation (repurposing) of this content. We designed banner ads and marketing materials to support each participant in the sharing and repurposing of the content. We provided guidance to the authors on how to promote it on Social Media / email newsletters / their website). Essentially we did everything we could to make it easy for our authors to participate, share and look good being involved in this project. Why? Because the sum total of the 7 authors networks is exponentially bigger than if we did it ourselves.

5. Marketing Automation

Lastly, marketing automation tools have come of age. Leveraging a marketing automation tool will help you monitor your audience engagement, deliver personalized content, create email workflows to nurture your leads through the buyer decision process. Not only is it way to allow your audience to self-filter their interest in your product or service, It is an easy way to nurture you leads “at scale”.

Digital marketing is a fast moving, and increasingly important aspect of your marketing strategy. The 5 areas above represent things you should already be doing to succeed in 2017.

Carl Messenger-Lehmann

About the Author:
Carl is the founder and partner of Hyperweb Communications and Gecko Marketing. He lives and breathes Digital Media Strategy and execution every day. He loves to learn about the people he meets and what their business goals are before he starts their project. He feels this is an important start to any project and is the key to his clients’ success. No biography about Carl would be complete without mention of his sense of humour. It’s dry as toast. He tries to instill a bit of fun to his life, every day.