Our Investment in ModernLoop

Anyone who has had to manage a hiring process knows how painful coordinating interviews can be. From coordinating schedules with your team to coordinating schedules with your candidate, it can be such a mess. ModernLoop is changing all of that. By automating interview scheduling, ModernLoop makes the entire experience better for your candidates and that’s critical to making a good first impression.

Save time and headaches of coordinating schedules for interviews with ModernLoop

When hiring for Pared, we relied on our ATS service Lever to manage the funnel and collect interview feedback on candidates. The coordination of schedules, however, left something to be desired. It required trying to find open slots between a slate of interviewers which was like playing a game of Tetris. We would have to ask interviewers to move things around so we could make the schedules work with a candidate. If it took too long, it was highly likely that we could lose a great candidate who was already talking to other employers. There is nothing more important than making a candidate feel like a priority if you want to land them. The last reason you want to lose out on a good hire is because your team has meeting conflicts.

ModernLoop CEO and co-founder Lydia Han and her team are building a smarter way to automate interview scheduling. By making it easier to schedule interviews, resolve interview meeting conflicts, sending day-of-reminders, and coordinating interviewers so that the candidate has the best experience because it reflects upon the company.




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Dave Lu

Dave Lu

Co-founder @ Pared. Managing Partner @ Hyphen Capital. Proud Taiwanese-American dad. Passionate about marketplaces and communities.

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