Our Investment in Offsyte

My first exchange with Emma on LinkedIn.
Any company that cares about their employees spends on team events.
  • Clear product market-fit for a problem faced by any company that cares deeply about employee retention and engagement.
  • High AOV because most companies have expensive budgets for offsites and team events.
  • Inherent virality because attendees of an event register via Offsyte which they will now use to plan their own future events. Very similar to the Eventbrite model of growth. This is why they’ve hosted 10,000 people and 150 organizations with no marketing.
  • Relatively high frequency of transactions because most teams have quarterly or monthly event budgets that they have to use or lose.
  • Strong retention because they’ve made such an elegant and beautiful product experience for both sides of the marketplace.
  • Steve Chen (Co-founder of YouTube)
  • George Ruan (Co-founder and CEO of Honey)
  • Mike Lee and Albert Lee (Founders of MyFitnessPal)
  • Mike Li (Co-founder of Kabam)
  • Kun Gao (Co-founder of Crunchyroll)
  • Ellen Chen (Co-founder of Mendocino Farms)
  • Andrew Chau (Co-Founder CEO of Boba Guys)
  • Claire Vo (Chief Product Officer at Color)
  • Faye Iosotaluno (Chief Strategy Officer at Match Group)
  • Katherine Liu (Executive VP at ViacomCBS)
  • Vince Liang (former Head of Global Brand Marketing Strategy for Nike)



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Dave Lu

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