HYP’s new website

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3 min readJul 17, 2018


A while ago we decided it was time to change our team’s website. We thought it was time to create a website that translates how we’ve grown as a team and small family.

Our team got together to gather all the ideas and novelties we wanted to include in it. It had to be perfect and we had so many ideas that it soon became evident we needed to regroup and refocus.

We decided to concentrate our efforts on certain areas and use them to show the new HYP. Our main goals were to evolve our brand to reflect our growth, to show our culture and to explain the process we use on our projects.

HYP’s growth

Firstly we decided to make some changes to our brand in order to reflect how we have grown as a team in the last 3 years.

We started by thinking about colors. We wanted our website to be bolder, and we wanted a strong color that reflected the main traits of our team: creativity and reliability. We decided to keep the blue color but change it to a new tone that we feel is a better representation of what our company has grown to become.

The culture

Showing the company’s culture on our website was very important to us, but that only made this task even more difficult. We had too many ideas and too many things we wanted to include, but we didn’t want the website to become confusing. We decided our Funko Pops could be a big part of showing who we are as a team.

When becoming a HYPster, every person on our team receives a Funko Pop, their own rubber duck to inspire and help debug their problems. On our website we use our Pops to show who we are, by presenting both our role as a HYP worker, and also our persona on this small family.

While we were on it, we decided to use our Pops to represent other parts of being a HYPster, by taking a set of photos of different situations that happen on our day to day. Not only have we used these photos around the website, we have also planned for the future: we will be using the photos to frequently change the website in order to reflect what is currently happening on our office!

The process

Lastly, we felt that on our old website we were lacking an explanation of our work process. Our process goes through 5 stages and we believe it is a very important part of making our projects successful. We wanted to show this process in a fun way that was also easy to understand.

After some brainstorming we came to the idea of using an illustrated animation that shows how the project evolves on each of the 5 stages.

The creation of this new website was very challenging and we learned a lot during the entire process, but most importantly we had a lot of fun creating it and we feel that it is now a more accurate reflection of HYP!

Visit us at hyp.pt and if you have any suggestions or comments, get in touch, we would love to hear your thoughts!