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A Summary of TPC-DS

The state-of-the-art decision support benchmark.


Industry Standard Benchmarks

Decision Support Systems

  • “assessing and evaluating alternative options“ as well as
  • “evaluating the possible consequences of taking action in a situation“ ⁴.

History of TPC-DS

Characteristics of TPC-DS

  • Store
  • Catalog
  • Internet


ER-Diagram of Store_Sales and Store_Returns in TPC-DS

Data Set


  • Query workload
  • Data maintenance workload
  • a reporting part (Catalog sales channel, 40% of the entire dataset) and
  • an ad-hoc part (Internet & Store sales channels),
  • pure reporting queries
  • pure ad-hoc queries
  • iterative OLAP queries
  • extraction or data mining queries
  1. Data Extraction (E)
  2. Data Transformation (T)
  3. Data Load (L)

Benchmark Execution and Metric

TPC-DS Performance Metric


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Hyrise is an open-source, in-memory database, which is being under active development at Hasso Plattner Institute.

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