Designer who write something

Designer who write codes, designer who write stories..

There was a time when the word ‘designer who write something’ such as a designer who write codes or a designer who write stories had become a fashionable word. The reason I am thinking those words at this time is that I was one of the designers who join the trend that write something, too.

It is also hard to do just one thing

I am very busy. I have to design, coding, and writing. Nobody forces me to do it, but if I do not, I feel anxiety that I will become an object that fails to evolve in the theory of natural selection. So I snoop around the world of design, coding, and writing, again.

Which moth will you be?!!

As an office workers, it also would be a great job to do just one thing well. Can we ask office workers who making ‘product’ to make efforts like an artist who create a artwork?

Probably most of them would compromise with ‘Good enough’ instead of ‘Best’ with various variables and excuses.

The design is more like that. People easily criticize design because they misunderstand that design belongs to the domain of subjectivity and intuition. But design is the product of logic born after many studies and repeated thought processes.

How long does it takes to make a consensus that design is an objective and rational process, not just an individual designer’s experience?

A logical developer

I’ve heard weird stories, from some developer before.

“I am logical because I studied natural sciences.”

What the hell is this? Is there a causal relationship between natural sciences and logical thinking? I was embarrassed at that time, but I’m getting to know a hidden meaning in that sentence now.


The study he had experienced was probably about the world where there are some form of input and output, variables exist, and are driven by certain rules. The process of following this form and the rules would have been a repetition of hypothesis and verification, and it would have been the logic itself that judgement of truth and falsehood.

Correlation between coding and writing

In fact, the logic he experienced in natural sciences is not much different from the logic I have experienced in liberal arts.

I was particularly attracted to literature, and it was good to peek at the author’s thoughts through a sentence. What does this word say? How do these sentences change next stories?

When I follow the pen tip of authors, naturally I find out the cause, consequences and variables in the sentence and set my own hypothesis for the next story. The time of verification continues until cover the bookcase.

While write a stories, author is both creator and first reader. The author experiences the process many readers like me will experience, for the first time and design it.

Isn’t the logic of writing similar to the logic of coding in the sense that it comes from an intense thinking process of creators?

Even the first programmer was a daughter of poet Byron.

Designer who write something, again

I think what I tried to do both design and something else was a practicing of logical thinking.

I may have made a hypothesis that If I have a habit of thinking more systematically and rationally through the coding and writing, it will eventually empower my design works.

So, did I survive the natural selection?

Well, I’m not sure whether I’ll evolve, but I’m struggling for not going regress at all.