21 Tutorials that will make you a “PHP Hero”

At Hyvor Developer, we have 21 chapters for beginner’s to start learning and understanding PHP. When you complete all the chapters doing the examples by yourself, you will be a “PHP Hero”.

  1. Introduction to PHP
  2. Installing PHP
  3. Hello World with PHP
  4. Basic Syntax of PHP
  5. PHP Comments
  6. PHP Variables
  7. PHP Variable Scope
  8. PHP Constants
  9. PHP Output
  10. PHP Data Types
  11. PHP Type Casting
  12. PHP Operators
  13. PHP Conditionals
  14. PHP Shorthand Conditionals
  15. PHP Loops
  16. PHP Loop Control Structures
  17. PHP Functions
  18. PHP Strings
  19. PHP Arrays
  20. PHP Superglobals
  21. PHP in HTML

After understanding the basics, you can learn any advanced concept like Object-Oriented programming easily.

PHP Tutorial by Hyvor Developer

How to get the most out of this tutorial?

  • Follow the examples: Almost every chapter in this tutorial has examples. Try to understand them. You know, “Examples speak thousand of words
  • Do it again: Doing it again by yourself is a great way to improve as a PHP programmer. It will help your brain to remember and understand what you learned fast.
  • Search the Internet: When you are leaning you will probably get questions. Don’t hesitate to search them in a search engine (Ex: Google). Also, forums like stackoverflow.com are the best places to get your questions answered by experts in programming.
  • Teach your friend: Teaching is a great way of learning. If you have a friend who is interested in PHP, teach them what you learned and discuss with them more. You will improve day by day.

Thank you.