Guest Commenting for Hyvor Talk

If you never heard about Hyvor Talk, here’s the link: Check it now. It’s the best commenting platform for your website. (That’s what our clients say)

It’s very interesting to say Hyvor Talk is improving day by day. The new users motivate me to create new features for Hyvor Talk.

Guest Commenting

Earlier, to comment in Hyvor Talk, all the users should be logged in to it first. Some of our users gave me the idea of “Guest Commenting”, which users can comment as a guest without logging into Hyvor.

I started upgrading Hyvor Talk to support guest commenting. Now, I have finished and uploaded it online.

Here’s the beautiful form for guest commenting. Do you like it?

Guest Commenting Form of Hyvor Talk
  • The username is required to comment as a guest
  • Email and website can be optional, required or not required. This setting will be set by the admin via the console.
  • You can choose a picture you like among 4 pictures
  • And, don’t forget to read and accept the privacy policy

Hitting continue won’t let you comment. One more step is there. When allowing guest comments, bad bots can take part in too. So, here comes the Google Recaptcha validation.

Google Recaptcha in Hyvor Talk

After you prove that you are not a robot, your comment will be published. (Only if it’s not spam)

Guest Comment Published at Hyvor Talk

The Moderation Part

  • Website owners can turn on/off guest commenting.
  • Also, they can choose what information should the user enter to continue with guest commenting
Guest Commenting Options in Console of Hyvor Talk

Finally, you will see all the guest comments in your console’s comments section. You can moderate them easily with AJAX-Based Tools.

Comment Shown in Hyvor Talk’s Console

Thank you for reading. If you are interesting about contributing Hyvor Talk, please read the following.

How to contribute

To grow as a small company, we need your help, of course.

There are two ways.

  1. Share Hyvor Talk with your family, friends, colleagues, etc.
  2. Donate us on Paypal or Patreon.

Your help will make Hyvor Talk awesome.