Break Down The Barriers & Beat The Shit Out Of Your Negative Thoughts

Happy Reading.

“See the positive side, the potential and make an effort,” 
- an exceptional quote from Dalai Lama.

In a world filled with negativity, it’s so easy to be sucked in by the black hole we sometimes find ourselves in. Guess what, that’s the most easiest thing you do, EVER. It is so easy to create that wall around yourself and never let anyone in, in fear of getting hurt or letting your bubble become breached. But my friend, you need to understand this — Sometimes, what we hold inside the walls is exactly what we need to let out!
We are living beings and its completely natural that we are prone to keep all the negative thoughts and conversations close to us instead of just letting it go. So don’t worry, lets just untangle this at once.

[Instead of surrounding yourself with gut-wrenching silence, why don’t you sing? Yes, SING! You really need not be an Idols contestant; you need not be a good singer at all, but while singing, the brain activates a hormone commonly referred to as happy-hormones. These happy hormones will effectively help you to turn your negative into a positive even though you might have to cover your ears to not hear the sounds coming from your mouth…]

Sounds Crazy? Yup, I know what I just wrote above is almost out of context in terms of what I usually write here but what I want you to grip on is “Do what you are NOT sure of/or afraid of” and that’s what “LIFE” is all about. Its the most fun , risky and exhilarating experience you will ever have.

Get out of the walls, Charge into your problems and face them up, Get the confident vibes and Pay It Forward. Doing the right thing every single day for yourself or others will in turn create a snowball effect that will bring more people to let go of the negative things in life and focus on the positive.

Let me tell you this (with my one hundred percent belief) that there are people out there right at this moment, on streets outside your house or in your contact list or someone reading this blog — who always dreamed of the PERFECT life and the PERFECT job as well as having the PERFECT family in their early years of life. Guess the astonishment they had when they realized that their life, like everyone else’s will be one big mess! Thing is, that is the beauty of it and, yes, the positive thing about it! Life is not supposed to be that way, messy.

Playing one boxing ring won’t be that fun and challenging if it doesn’t have the risks involved of getting hurt with a bad ass face punch. 
That’s just true.

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My friend, you just need to roll with what YOU want. If you have a desk job that makes your life a living hell, you need to either get another job or make a change in your current working environment. I am not saying that you must go out into the world and live like a hippie with no care in the world; I am merely saying that you need to learn to enjoy the finer things in life. Whether it is spending time with your family or doodle dozens of funny faces and sayings all over your kitchen walls, you need to find the uniqueness within yourself and set it free in the world because problems will always be there and that’s how the universe works.

I suffer from the occasional negative streak, and that what motivates me to go more dirty and all chips in with what all I can offer and how hard I can kick back the negativity under its ass and make room for a new and improved jest for life.

Dear Reader, start building on a better tomorrow..
you already have the recipe!

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