This Is Why You Must Get On The Road ASAP.

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Pack your Bags and sail off on the journey of your life!

Life is a great journey!

Also a beautiful metaphor. Lets go on a journey of life while being on the actual journey to segments unknown, take the journey of life a little more adventurously. Lets explore! Lets travel!

Travelling is a must in everyone’s bucket list. So finally, when you have your income and expenses well at place, you plan and go out. But lets talk about travelling not as vacation but travelling as a way of life. To become location independent is the real challenge. Travelling alone is one adventure and travelling in groups is another. There are certain things which needs to be taken care of.

With what frequency are you travelling?

1. Slow Pace: Chalk out the plan, mark the places and schedule your days at one place for few days because with children it gets hectic for both. Also you experience and understand the things in a better way. When travelling is a way of life, it doesn’t really harm to settle in for a few days at one place and relish the beauty and culture of that place. Kids on the other hand need to learn to earn and enjoy the travel as opposed to just going from place to place with a desire of finally returning back “home’’ to sit and relax for a few days. Let yourself and your kids feel “home” everywhere you go.

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Education on Wheels ?

Well, Education on wheels? Is it even possible? What are we talking about? Well, lets see.

2. Education: Being location independent means 24/7 schooling of your child. Open schooling and parental schooling is what we consider the best for next generation kids. We feel they evolve and develop better in an open environment.They learn to cope with changes in a better way. Today, when the world is so preoccupied with technology, our children have their own games on mobile phones and tablets. We would love to have our kids play in the ground with verdant green, sand and shells.

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It’s one hell of a job to cater to the demands of educating your child when you are off there somewhere imbibing the great experiences of life. You are the teacher, guardian and friend to your child. You have to maintain the schedule and implement them on your own. Distance education is what you need to adhere to owing to your on-the-move life .

It certainly is more demanding and you have to find time away from your busy routine for your child but trust me, children learn more from travelling than they ever do in classrooms. The varied cultures, languages and locations gives your child a completely different exposure and they learn to adapt and enjoy themselves in the ever-changing nature dynamism. A lot is learned by being at a place, observing it and living it.

So go ahead, plan your days and have the wonderful experiences of life you always wanted to have.

Does Money Grow on Trees ? (Click to

Yes we are talking about the income and expenses. When you are always on the move, how or from where do you think your income will come?

3. Income: When your life is on wheels and you have a certain limited number of hours for work, it is important to already have a plan to work out the things. Setting the priorities will help (Yes you have time now only for things that bring you cash and not the leisure social media hours). The virtual world is a great source of income. You can blog, be a freelancer, do outsourcing and may other things. Virtual worlds, unlike before when humanity was untouched of its miracle, is now a true blessing bestowed on the nomads and travelers. We have for ourselves created an income where we get paid for our lifestyle. The virtual world is an ocean of opportunities. Go and unravel them.

The world called“world wide web”!

Virtual world is the new Living World.

4. Internet Connectivity: Virtual world exists by the virtue of world wide web; the internet. The first thought that comes to mind for deciding whether to stay at a place is internet connectivity. Its an unfortunate thing that we have become slaves to it but our income comes from here and it needs to be the top priority. Well, not only the connectivity but also the data plans and their price matter. With limited income and numerous expenses a good data plan at affordable price is a gift.

Work-Life Balance

5. Balance and Flexibility: Time to be up and on for 24/7. Being location independent with kids will drain you of your energy. Its chaotic. You don’t have grandparents or childcare to give you a break. Every aspect of the day has to be controlled by you: timely and healthy eating, exercise, play, studies, income and expenses and every other thing.

Tip : Turn The Flight Lay Overs Into Productivity.

Managing this without going insane sounds kind of impossible. Yes, there are every chance of things going pear-shaped. Have a backup plan ready. Be flexible to adapt yourself to situations, learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Changing the schedule and travel style helps. Once in a while this little adventure of getting off the routine helps. Yes, it helps to keep ourselves sane. Also plan your trips to your friends and families. They are refreshing and a welcome change that will rejuvenate you.


6. Travel Diary: As you go on to the adventures of your life, make sure you maintain a diary of your everyday experiences, your moments and shared memories. For once when you will grow old and will look back upon your life you will have wonderful memories with you to relive those moments again and marvel at the life you always wanted and had. Children, when young, may not understand the adventure they are on but once when they are grown up, reliving those moments and relishing those experiences will make their life richer and meaningful.

So Pack your Bags, Step into A Digital Nomadic Life and Go! Life is waiting to be explored Now.

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Bon Voyage.

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