Will ‘Instagram Story’ Feature Kill Snapchat?

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A new Instagram feature lets you share all the moments of your day in a story format with photos and videos that will disappear after 24 hours! 
It allows you to hide the story from selected followers as well.

Sounds familiar, right? The cat is out of the bag!

Instagram has launched Stories inspired by Snapchat and is blatantly thanking them for inspiration.

What is it?

Instagram, established in October 2010 has risen by leaps and bound in terms of followers and took the world by storm with their variety of filters.

Snapchat was introduced in less than a year in September 2011 which found an instant fan following as well as they could share events of their day, emotions by means of a story which got deleted in 24 hours.

Cut to 2016, Instagram Stories launched and with an extremely lucid user-interface, editing options, it is already a rage with the early adopters, be it followers or brands. It has fancy drawing features, easy navigation features and a context to where the story is headed. This encourages the already existing strong user base to share the ‘Story’ of their day with followers and like-minded individuals on Instagram.

For example, Nike has already generated 8,00,000 views in 24 hours of an Instagram Story as compared to Snapchat where their best video got 66,000 views.

We choose Instagram over Snapchat because…

Wider audience base — Instagram has 400 million active users daily as compared to 100 million active users on Snapchat. Instagram has an advantage of a wider audience base be it millenials, corporates or brands as compared to its competitor that is mostly used by teenagers and millenials.

Easy usability — It is obvious that we would like to shoot and share maximum videos of our work-leisure trips with our followers in the easiest possible manner. Instagram is often used by people from all age groups where Snapchat seems to be a bit opaque in usability.

Search — What works in favour of Instagram is the extensive range of keywords used to find a particular person unlike Snapchat wherein you need to feed exact names of people to search them.

Thus our verdict goes to Instagram! However, there will always be someone in your circle who is fond of Snapchat so make sure not to leave the platform for the fan base here!

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