11 Blogging Mistakes Every Newbie Blogger Makes!

Last time I wrote about How to Start a Blog (and make money). Today I am going to continue on the topic of blogging and help you not make the same mistakes every newbie blogger makes.

Blogging isn’t just about throwing words on the screen and calling it done. There are many things to do to make a successful blog.

Nobody is just born knowing how to run a successful blog. All bloggers make mistakes, even seasoned professionals. Chances are every blogger made at least one of the mistakes below so don’t worry if you’ve done one or two just work to fix them super fast.

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1. Not Choosing the Right Niche-

I talk a lot about choosing a niche market for your brand and blog. In fact this month on iambutterflybound.com I am doing a whole Branding series.

Picking the right niche is a big deal and often newbie bloggers try and pick such a wide range of topics thinking that they will turn people away if they choose a more specialized niche.

The truth is you will turn people away but you’ll be turning away people who aren’t interested in what you will be talking about and this can actually hurt you more than help. You don’t want a ton of people visiting your blog that aren’t going to be active or purchase your products. So picking a niche is helpful in weeding out unwanted traffic.

People need to know why they should visit your blog. There are literally thousands of blogs out there so why should they be reading yours.

2. Not Choosing the Right Webhost

Your web host plays a critical role in the success of your blog. Choosing the wrong one can result in one or more of these things: a slow website, low security, site downtime (this is the worst), a lack of features, or poor customer support.

I’ve tried out a few different hosts and I found that BlueHost is one of the best. They have excellent customer care, easy to use built-in themes (though I recommend a professional custom theme), good security and speed. They offer plans starting out as low as $2.95 a month. And they have an excellent affiliate program if you are looking to monetize your blog.

3. Not Taking Post- Blog Set-Up Measures

Starting a blog is not all about writing. There are many things you should do before the writing begins to ensure you have a successful blog that people actually read.

You need to set up a Google Analytics account, learn about SEO, make a good looking and easy to navigate blog, create a resource page and sitemap. All these things are important to the success of your blog.

4. Creating a Schedule You Can’t Keep

A lot of newbie bloggers start off with an unachievable blogging schedule thinking that more is more and not thinking about quality over quantity.

I fell into this pit myself when I started out. I was trying to blog every day and it was impossible. What happened is I fell behind and I wasn’t consistent.

It’s better to pick an easy schedule that you know you can stick to and be consistent than to pack in the writing hours. I shared my content schedule with my audience a few weeks back. Check it out here.

5. Not Learning about SEO

SEO is a big part of whether your blog will be found or not. It helps search engines like Google find your content.

Make sure to research keywords and utilize SEO properties to ensure your blog's visibility. One of my favorite tools for SEO is called Yoast. It comes with built-in features that help maximize your blog.

6. Not Posting on a Consistent Schedule

Some newbie bloggers post inconsistently not understanding that posting on a regular, consistent basis is key to your blog's success. Posting several blog posts all at once and then not blogging for another month is not good and your readers will not be able to follow that schedule.

7. Forgetting to Connect with Other Bloggers

It is important to connect in the blogging community. By commenting and interacting on seasoned blogger platforms you can increase your own visibility and even earn yourself a guest blog or a shout out from an experienced blogger with a large following.

8. Selling Before They Have a Reputation

New blogs pop up every day but if you don’t have an established reputation then your sales quantity will probably be slim.

Before focusing on sales you need to focus on building a trusted reputation first. People buy things and services from people they like, know and trust. So if you aren’t making millions from your month old blog don’t stress. Keep writing and engaging in your niche community and you will build a profit over time.

9. Spamming Your Site with Ads and Affiliate Products

I don’t promote things unless I personally stand behind them. I only offer affiliate products I have tried and like myself.

Don’t load your site with Adsense, Google ads, affiliate banners. People will feel like you are running a sales page and tune out.

If you want to promote an affiliate product it’s best to introduce it in an on-topic blog post as I have in this post or a dedicated post specifically about the product.

10. Using Hard to Read Fonts

Your blog needs to be easy to read. This includes the font you use. Make sure the font is easy to read for anyone.

It’s fun to have cool, pretty fonts just make sure that they are easy to identify. If a person can not read what you have written they will not return to your blog.

11. Being Afraid

Being afraid is a big thing I see halt a newbie blogger before they begin. You have to be open to trying new things.

This means adding new social media platforms, researching new fresh products, daring to be yourself.

You are the only you so don’t think you have to be anyone else. You may not be the polished, perfect bloggers you see out there and that’s okay. I’m a hot mess mama. I run successful businesses, I run a family and I don’t do my hair and makeup every time I go live. My tribe responds to that and your tribe will respond to you.

Did you get some value from this 11 Blogging Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Make training? Each week I pour my heart and soul into giving you amazing value to help you create your best life. I hope this gave you value. If it did please like comment and share. Monday’s I post a new Motivational post and free resource on my blog. Tuesday’s I give you amazing Team Building Tips Live on my Facebook page. So stay connected.

Be You Unapologetically Because You Are The Only You… drop a comment below.

You are a Rock Star!

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